Nick Yeo "Actually Love" Album ; 姚俊羽 《原来爱》专辑

Nick Yeo (姚俊羽) EP "Acutally Love" <<原来爱 >> was released in Taiwan on 28th December 2012.

It consists of 5 tracks (Click on song title for lyrics)






Nick Yeo 姚俊羽 is a Singaporean Singer-Songwriter making his debut album release. He shot to fame even before his EP was released as his 2 songs was used in the OST of the popular Channel U serial "Game Plan" <<千方百计>> . If you had watched the serial, you would find the first two tracks very familiar.

Below are the videos of the 5 tracks uploaded by other fans. Enjoy!

Track 1 关键字

Track 2 你能够

Track 3 原来爱


Track 4 懂不懂

Track 5 谢谢你

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