[RECOMMEND] Chemical Free Toilet Stain Remover No More Washing

*The following is not a hardsell advertisement but a genuine product review.

Why didn't they invent this earlier?

To use this product,
  1. Firstly, give your toilet bowl a good scrub to remove all stains. Use bleach if necessary.
  2. Open up the flush cistern cover, pop this product into one corner of the tank where it does not obstruct any moving parts or water flow.
  3. Throw away your toilet bowl brush.

Its been more than 2 weeks since I tried out this product in my 2 toilets. And I swear that it has been a good two weeks of no washing or scrubbing of toilet bowls. Totally no effort required of me except to install it for the first time and to flush my toilets regularly.

2 weeks after installation. Still spotlessly clean.

I find it hard to believe that this thing would last 5 years without replacement but I wont complain if it does. Two weeks on, there is not even a faint stain on my toilet bowl yet. I saved time, effort, water and chemical detergents that would otherwise harm the environment.

All public toilet operators should buy this product for their stinky toilets, especially coffeeshop owners! Dont stinge, for just $15.50 each, it would be the best investment you make!

I repeat again, no scrubbing or washing, just plain o' flushing after each use. Unbelieveable product!
It is one of those inventions that change the world.

Even if it doesnt keep out the stains, it would surely reduce the frequency that you need to wash your toilet bowls! Its that amazing!

Tips on Usage
The trick to using this is to wash your toilet bowls properly before use. Make sure it is clean, I made sure mine were by pouring bleach into the bowls and letting it soak for at least half an hour before flushing the stains off.
Once the bowls are perfectly spotless, place the tablets into the flushing cistern and you are all set to remove the shackles from toilet bowl scrubbing! Don't complain about the product not working if you use it on a stain filled bowl in the first place, this product is not meant to clean your mess but to prevent future stains from forming. So all PRE-EXISTING stains have to be removed by YOURSELF, not by the product.
But hey, think about it, its going to be your last toilet bowl wash for the next 5 years! Do it with a smile, com'on.

If you have been using this for a while too, do share your experience by posting a comment!

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