[Share] Ch 8 Dream Makers <志在四方> Sub-Theme 第二波單曲 - <十萬毫升淚水> by Tanya Chua 蔡健雅

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Ch 8 Drama Serial《志在四方》Dream Makers OST - sub theme Song by Tanya Chua

蔡健雅 Tanya Chua - 第二波單曲【十萬毫升淚水】官方歌詞版

Tanya Chua is one of Singapore's most accomplished musician who has won many music awards locally and regionally. She is also a prolific song writer and is able to sing in both English and Mandarin.

[Candy Crush Saga] Tips contributed by other Candy Crush lovers

More Candy Crush tips!

This blog was started as a simple past-time and with a humble intention to share my experience of playing Candy Crush Saga with anyone who stumbled upon this site. Little did I realise that there would be so many fellow Candy Crushers out there looking for hints to help them improve their game as well.

When I first wrote the post, I was thinking that I would probably be the only one reading the post and refreshing myself on the tips and strategy when I am stuck on one of the levels. 

I certainly did not expect my humble blog to reach a million views within 3 months of my first post on Candy Crush. Whether you are aged 6 or in your 90s, if you are reading this page, we are all united in our love for Candy Crush the game. Thank you once again for dropping by.

Here I have selected some of the most useful tips contributed by other readers who are kind enough to share them in the comments page. If you have a good tip not featured anywhere here, please feel free to post it in the comment section, I read every single comment I received and I will add them in if they are useful.

Thank you for visiting my humble blog and sharing your Candy Crush tips with everyone else! You know who you are :)

Selected tips contributed by readers. Credit and thanks to the respective contributors!

  1. I have found one trick that can help here. When you initially open the game, it will of course show you all the lives sent to you from friends. As you play, you use up those lives. It seems that the new lives you earn from friends as you're playing don't show up until you reload the browser. I just play through those five lives (plus any I've earned from the timer), and then reload the browser. I keep a separate browser tab open while I'm online just for Candy Crush for this purpose. ~ Candy 
  2. I usually just close the message that is saying I have lives from friends by pressing the X. Then when I'm out of lives I go back to the home screen with the map and open the message then collect the lives. ~ Elehuak 
  3. Free lives........just change the date on whatever device you are playing on....Run out of lives just move ahead a day in the date/settings
  4. I refuse to buy anything for this game and am moving slowly lol. Did just start a few weeks ago....am up to level 37....like I said slow...good luck all! ~ Michelle McBride 
  5. I've found that if you don't accept or x out of the screen where you get lives &extra moves from friends on your mobile device you can save as many as you want & you won't lose them. They just sit in your mail box until you are ready to use them. But I have noticed that sometime I can use extra moves & sometimes they don't work. But it always works on extra lives. ~ GinaTom 
  6. I realized that the horizontal striped candies are generated when you make a vertical row of four and the vertical striped candies when you make a horizontal row of four...~ Cmack 
  7. Whenever you start a level ( don't make any move yet ) on the mobile version of CC , you can actually hit the arrow button on the bottom left to display the option menu and select exit just to bring you back to the world map then enter back where you left off......purpose of doing this is to shuffle the candy placement on the level you are currently on. Before you make any move pan around the whole candy placement, look for any possible combo moves, if its doesn't favour you just hit exit and come back again without touching any candy. ~ Taperpon 
  8. Never pay for more lives.......If you run out of lives uninstall the app and then re install as long as you have it hooked on with you facebook it will automatically take you to the last level you were on. ~ CDMarie 
  9. What you need to know is the positioning of future sweets. Whenever you see a combo that can be activated, think of where you want to use it to your most advantage, at the same time be mindful of what some of the foreseeable positions of some of the other candies. ~ Leng Guan Ho 
  10. On pc you can have multiple browser windows open all on CC and just switch between then when you run out of lives and you can play all day non stop. ~ Gavin Worthy
  11. Tip for Android Users - I was changing the date and then uninstalling and reinstalling for extra lives for a long time but i figured out if u just go to manage applications and hit clear data on the candy crush app, then go to play the game, it starts up as if u did uninstalling / reinstall. U just connect to Facebook and u are just where u left off with 5 new lives. (android phone) Alot quicker and easier than the other way. U do lose any lives or extra moves that ppl sent u so use them b4 u clear data. ~ Carrie Odom [Flickrshare's notes : To clear App Cache data on Candy Crush for Android devices, refer to this walkthru http://techably.com/clear-app-cache-data-on-android-devices/3970/]
  12. I had two wrapped candies and was able to blast all but one of the tornadoes for about 5 moves. Then they all came back. The big blast is the only way I've been able to get rid of them. ~ Mike [How to deal with tornadoes in Candy Crush Saga]

[Candy Crush Saga] Pink ribbon and +3 Extra Moves in Candy Crush Saga

What is the pink ribbon and +3 Extra Moves in Candy Crush?

This is not to be confused with the +5 Moves booster which you need to purchase and which you can choose to purchase at any time during a game. This post is talking about the +3 Extra Moves Boosters in Candy Crush Saga which you can send to your friends for free.

An explanation to +3 Extra Moves boosters, pink bow or pink ribbon in Candy Crush Saga

An extra move booster gives you additional 3 moves to the game. Each booster can only be used for one game. A disadvantage of this booster is that you have to choose whether to use it before the game, rather than during the game when you know that you just need a few more moves and you could clear the level. Hence the usefulness of this extra moves booster is kinda limited. Sometimes when you chose to use it, the game board is so unfavourable that you will never clear that level even if it is a 10 extra moves booster!

That said, an Extra Moves booster does not cost you money as it is sent to you from your friends, like extra lives.

When you receive an Extra Moves booster from your friend, a pink ribbon bow will show up on the level to show you that you have available Extra Moves booster to use.

How to send or receive +3 Extra Moves boosters from your friends

There is no way for you to ask for extra moves from your friends. However, when you are stuck for a couple of days on a particular level, the game will prompt YOUR friends to send you extra moves. 

If you notice when you start Candy Crush, there will be a window asking you whether you wish to send Extra Moves booster to your friends - for eg. so and so is stuck on Level 132 for 15 days. Check it with a tick and an Extra Moves booster will be sent to your friend.

So do not expect to receive Extra Moves for every level from your friends, especially if you are "not stuck for long enough", so to speak.

How to use the extra moves boosters from your friends

Extra moves given by your friends are specifically meant for that level only. 
If you received extra moves from your friends for a level, you would see a pink ribbon before you start the game as one of the options of boosters for you to choose. 
You may select it and your next game for the same level will have 3 extra moves. 
Take note : you must select it before you start the game, you cannot select it in mid-game. The Extra Moves given to you for a particular level can only be used for that same level.

Pink ribbon in Candy Crush
How to select +3 Extra Moves in Candy Crush

[Candy Crush Saga Level 425] Tips for Candy Crush Saga Level 425

A guide to clearing Candy Crush Level 425

Tips and hints guide to clearing Level 425 of Candy Crush Saga

This is one of the killer levels of Candy Crush Saga.
Obviously so, in this level, there are multiple obstacles in your way -
  1. Time bombs
  2. Icing Cupcakes that need to be cleared to make way for more candies
  3. Huge number of blue candies order
  4. Wrapped & Stripped candies combo - wrapped candies are hard to come by
  5. Tornados to disrupt your game 

Hint Guide Strategy to Level 425

Clear the icing cupcakes as early as you can

From the onset, you should be clearing the icing cupcakes as soon as you can, so that you can reach the time bombs and clear them before they explode and end your game.

Have wrapped candies ready

It is handy to have wrapped candies ready, so along the way, if you spot any opportunity to create a wrapped candy, just do so and leave it on the board if you have no stripped candy next to them. This is because it is quite easy to get stripped candies in this level but wrapped candies are harder to come by, so get them ready in case so that when a stripped candy lands next to the wrapped candy, match them to fulfill your orders. I find that fulfilling the stripped and wrapped candy combo is the more difficult to fill order for this level. While collecting the blue candies may seem like a tall order, it can be done, especially if you have a rainbow sprinkle or two that you can use it to swap with a blue candy.

Don't wait to swap the stripped / wrapped candy 

Do not defer the chance if you have a stripped and wrapped candy next to each other. Just swap them as soon as you can, otherwise the tornadoes will come and spoil your grand plans! Do not leave it to chance because the tornadoes can and they will come to mess it up! Just swap them and worry about the rest later.

Watch out for the time bombs

Do not forget about time bombs as well as they have a relatively short fuse. Leave it too late and your game will be ended prematurely.

[Candy Crush Saga] How to clear Level 70 of Candy Crush Saga

How to clear Level 70 of Candy Crush Saga

The Brief

To clear the jellies on the right hand columns.

The Obstacles 

Reincarnating chocolate blocks that threaten to cover up the right hand columns
Locked candies that prevent candies from cascading down from the left hand columns

Tips and Strategy for Candy Crush Level 70

This level may need a few tries but if you follow the tips and strategy here, should be able to clear it soon enough.

  1. Firstly, prioritize your game. The first thing you need to do is to clear the locked candies as soon as you can because once that happens, it opens the flood gates for the candies on the left to cascade down and you have more options on the right hand columns.
  2. Then, you should try to clear the chocolate blocks before they engulf the entire right hand columns. Should that happen, you probably have to try the level again as it is almost impossible to do it. Do note that once all chocolate candies are cleared, they will not reappear, so getting them all out early would make your life easier.
  3. Since all the jellies are all on the right hand columns, you should make all available moves on the right hand columns until you run out of moves, then you look at the left hand columns. Remember, the goal is to clear the jellies and you dont have the luxury of moves to do anything else.
  4. On the left hand columns, creating horizontal stripped candies should be your goal as these can help to clear some tiles on the right hand side once they are triggered. Vertical stripped candies are only useful when triggered on the right hand columns.
  5. If you are lucky to get a wrapped candy, resist the temptation to trigger it, wait for it cascade to the right hand side where it is more useful when triggered. That is unless you have a perfectly placed stripped and wrapped candy next to each other on the left hand block, if triggering the combo can help you to clear 3 horizontal lines of jellies on the right hand block, by all means, use it! That said, a wrapped/stripped candy combo would do more damage if triggered on the right hand columns, so think wisely before you jump.

For more general tips for this game, refer to this post.

[Candy Crush Saga] How to clear Candy Crush Saga Level 376

How to clear Candy Crush Saga Level 376

How to Clear Candy Crush Level 376

Level 376 requires you to bring ingredients down but there is a huge chunk of chocolates and cupcakes blocking the exit. There is a candy pizza that helps you to a limited extend.

The Strategy 

Useful combo moves :-
Wrapped & Stripped Candy Combo,
Rainbow & Wrapped Candy Combo and
Stripped & Stripped Combo.

Clear the pizza early, make room for candies to cascade to the block of columns on the right.

Destroying the pizza early in the game can help to cascade the candies to the block on the right as it clears away the chocolate tiles and help blast off the first layer off the cupcakes. Getting candies to the block on the right will then allow you to destroy the cupcakes. So the earlier you make room for candies to cascade to the right, the more options you have in your moves and you can start destroying the cupcakes earlier.

To trigger the pizza, you can only use vertical stripped candies and/or wrapped and stripped candy combo. It can be easier than you think because it is rather easy to create wrapped and stripped candies for this level.

The consolation is that this level offers plenty of opportunities to create wrapped / stripped candies and even rainbow candies because of the limited number of colours used in this level.

The Challenge

Likelihood of ending this level with not enough moves to bring down all the ingredients is very high. Do not waste your moves making unnecessary moves that would not aid your game strategy for this level.

It is inevitable that the ingredients will land on the top row of the square icing cupcakes, making it difficult to remove the cupcakes that are blocking the way to the exit. Hence you can only depend on vertical stripped candies or the combos mentioned above to blast your way through to the exit.

There are a lot of cupcakes to clear on each column before the ingredients can drop to the exit, so you need to expend lots of moves.

For more general tips for this game, refer to this post.

[Game Hints] Draw Something 2 Daily Guess Answers Revealed!

Answers to Draw Something 2's Daily Guess updated daily.

Draw Something 2 is another game which I play regularly, in fact, daily. I am always amazed by the top quality drawings by some talented artists which are featured on the gallery section.

In Draw Something 2, the wider the variety of drawing tools available to you, the better you can draw. To unlock the drawing tools, you need coins which you can earn by playing with other people and stars which you can earn by playing the Daily Guess and Daily Draw games for a 5 days consecutive streak to earn a maximum of 5 stars for each.

Daily Draw is really there to reward you with the coins and stars, you just need to draw anything and click on submit, they will give you the reward anyway.

Daily Guess, on the other hand, is more tricky. If you happen to stumble on one day's Daily Guess, you would have to start your streak all over again and the payout for the initial streak is just a few measly coins.

To help fellow Draw Something 2 fans, I will post the answer here so that you can continue your streak. So if you ever get stuck on Daily Guess, just drop by here for the daily updated (I will try!) answers to Draw Something 2's Daily Guess.

Draw Something 2 Daily Guess Answer Revealed

[Updated 23 July 2013]

Draw Something 2 Daily Guess Answer for 23 July 2013 - Big Bang

[Share] Bring Along A Set of Cheap Walkie Talkies For Your Next Travel

Using a set of walkie talkies on your travel can save you IDD call charges when you are travelling in a group

Bringing a set of walkie talkies on your travels can be very useful and cost-saving if you travel in a group with friends or family members. Sometimes you just want to save time and split up the group so that you can do/see/shop more when you are for eg. at a theme park, shopping mall, place of interest. Or when the chances of losing each other is high in a crowded place.

Rather than relying on calling each other on mobile to report location or co-ordinate the meeting up time and place, using walkie talkie is an effective and cost saving solution. Don't forget, unless both parties are using the foreign country's prepaid SIM cards, both calling and receiving parties would have to pay for IDD charges for each call made. Overseas call can be costly and this is how telcos make huge bucks from you.

Real Time Two Way Communication Channel with Call Button

A walkie talkie provides a clear real time communication channel and in case you are not aware, there is a call button that if pressed, the other walkie talkies in the same network channel will beep and your family member or friend would be able to know that you are calling for them.

You can also add on more walkie talkies to the network by utilizing the same channel, just set or coordinate it within the group before each heading their own way.

If there is too much interference from other walkie talkies nearby, for eg. security guards, just change the channel - however, everyone in your group holding a walkie talkie must switch to the same new channel, otherwise, that person will be lost in his own world.

So, why waste the money on costly IDD calls, especially when you are within a small area that is easily covered by walkie talkie range? Use the mobile only as a last resort when the walkie talkie does not work.

Walkie Talkies can last for very long if you take good care of them!

I have been using my set of walkie talkies for almost ten years without any problems and it probably saved me mega bucks from IDD call charges so far.

[Candy Crush Saga] How to clear Candy Crush Saga Level 97

Candy Crush Level 97

Candy Crush Saga Level 97 Game Hints

Level 97 looks deceptively easy, however, it is difficult to reach the targeted score to get at least a star and pass the level. 

Target : High Scoring Moves

The focus for this level is to rake up high scoring moves, that means, you try to form all the massive combos you can with stripped, wrapped, rainbow, whatever you can lay your hands on. 

High Scoring Moves include : 
  1. Wrapped & Stripped Candy Combo, 
  2. Wrapped & Wrapped Combo, 
  3. Rainbow & Wrapped Candy Combo and 
  4. Stripped & Stripped Combo.

Watch Out : Time Bombs

The time bombs are aplenty in this level and they detonate very quickly too, so you need to attend to them rather early to avoid ending the game prematurely. 

The Secret 

  1. The good news is that this level offers plenty of opportunities to create wrapped and stripped candies.
  2. Secondly, time bombs gives you 6,000 points when you destroy them. Making a combo move that destroys a few time bombs together can score some major points.
  3. Rather than waste your last few moves on matching the stripped candies or wrapped candies, concentrate on making more special candies if possible. This is because when the game ends, the finale will help you to auto activate these remaining special candies on board, saving you some moves!
  4. Some players say that playing this on Desktop is easier than iOS, so if you have access to Desktop version, try it.

[Candy Crush Saga] Candy Crush Tips : How to deal with Tornados in Candy Crush Saga

Tornadoes in Candy Crush

If you have played beyond Level 410, you would be introduced to tornadoes.

The tornadoes bring Candy Crush to new level of difficulty.

You do not have any control over the tornadoes and you have no idea which tiles it will hit next as it is totally random. Therefore, it is almost impossible to line up for any special candy moves as it could just be destroyed in the next move. To add insult to injury, the tornadoes not only destroy tiles by random, it also leaves the destroyed tile in destruction for one more move. Therefore, you are unable to use that particular damaged tile for one more move.

You cannot do anything to prevent the tornadoes from happening and it does not go away unlike real life tornadoes.

The only way to deal with the tornadoes in Candy Crush is to understand how it works and work around it to plan your next move. And here is the secret :-

After the tornado is done with its destruction, the tile remains unusable for one more move. Immediately thereafter, the next move, the damaged tile will heal by itself. The important thing to note is here, the tile that was above the damaged tile will cascade down to the healed tile.

So if you are planning your next move, take note of the tiles that are going to be healed the next move and you get an idea of how to plan for your next move. After all, the tornado does not come back to damage a tile that has just healed.

How to disable the tornadoes for 5 moves

Our reader, Mike, has shared an invaluable tip to deal with tornadoes. That is, with a mega explosion using two wrapped candies, the tornadoes in the line of explosion will be disabled for about 5 moves. While the tornadoes will reappear after 5 moves, many things can be done during their absence!

Reader Cory also shared that with the donut, the striped candies and the stripped/wrapped candies combo, you can also get rid of tornadoes. As long as the tornado is in the path of the combo it will be "blown" away.

If you know of other ways to deal with the tornadoes, do share in the comment box below!

Level 417 - Candy Crush Saga

In particular for Level 417 of Candy Crush Saga, you also need to note that the tornadoes have the tendency to destroy the tile with the pink candy donut once the jelly is removed. So if you are not ready to use your donut yet, do not strip away the jelly. But once you have stripped away the jelly, be prepared to use the donut in the next move, if not the tornadoes will likely do it for you within the next 1-2 moves.

For other Top 10 tips for Candy Crush, please read this post.

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