[Share] How to earn more Draw Something 2 Coins fo Free

[Limited Time Only]

How to earn Draw Something 2 coins free (and quickly too!)

Currently as a promotion for the new Despicable Me 2 movie, Draw Something 2 is giving away 20 coins for each guess of the word "Minion".

And you dont even need to draw it as there is a free pattern for the Pattern Pen (if you have unlocked it earlier) with minions as a pattern! Just run the overlay and send it over to your friend.

Start many games ASAP or partner a friend and send each other drawings/guesses of Minions to and fro, in no time u can amass a hefty warchest of coins to purchase the upgrades like highlighter, watercolour etc.

[Candy Crush] How to clear level 342 of Candy Crush Saga

Level 342 of Candy Crush Saga is the toughest level I have personally encountered so far (up to Level 380). Took me about a week to finally clear it. It requires some bit of luck and some strategy to give you the best chance of clearing it.

Watching Youtube videos of people clearing the level make it seems like it is easy to clear. Unfortunately it is more difficult than it seems. Moreover, it is not that helpful a guide as the candy layout on the game board is never the same for each game, even for the same level. There is no way you can duplicate their moves on your game board and clear your own game.

Having a strategy might help but even if you play to the strategy religiously, you still need some luck to help you clear it. Here are some tips to clear this level.

Tips to clear level 342 of Candy Crush Saga

  • The jellies hidden under the icing cupcakes are random for each game of level 342 and there is no way to tell which of them is hiding a jelly. 
  • Thats why a strategy to leave the jelly fishes until the end is required, because that is the only way to clear the hidden jellies. Using them too early would waste them on clearing the easier to reach jellies hidden under the top layers of cupcakes. 
  • You will not be able to crack all of the cupcakes within the normal moves allocated, so do not bother. 
  • Concentrate on clearing the top first line of cupcakes, it will make your task much easier. But don't neglect the visible jellies on board too, especially the top row. 
  • Using mega combos like matching strip with wrapped candies would also help in destroying the harder to reach cupcakes. A fish matched with a rainbow sprinkles would also help because it will mutate into many fishes and help clear a lot of tiles! 
  • If you are able to leave the fishes untouched until you have cleared the top line of cupcakes, you should be able to clear this stage. Avoid matching the fishes too early if you can help it, if you really must match the fishes, match it with a stripped candy or wrapped candy for more mileage. 
  • Finally, don't give up! Candy Crushers are not quitters!

[Share] SMS Audio Street by 50 Cents Headphones On Sale $80

SMS Audio Street by 50 Cents Headphones on Memorial Day Sale!

This is a pair of SMS Audio Street by 50 Cents Headphones has decent sound quality and feels very comfy on the ears as the ear pads uses memory foam as cushion. 

It has deep bass but yet the bass does not overpower the treble. So, what you get is clarity with oomph and bass without the throbbing headaches!  

I have been monitoring the price of these SMS Audio Street by 50 Cents Headphones for a while on Amazon and today I realized that it has dropped to as low as USD80 for Memorial Day Sale! This makes it a good buy. 

All fulfilled by Amazon.

[Share] Free 1TB online photo storage to backup your precious photos

Flickr now gives 1TB of space free!

Sign up now for a free account if you have not done so. 

3 good reasons why you should sign up - 

  1. 1 TB = more than half a million images in its full resolution glory! Think about it, how much do you think a 1 TB external harddisk would cost you?
  2. Easy to share photos with your family & friends. You can choose to keep some or all of your photos private with Flickr by changing the sharing permissions.
  3. Show off your images whenever and wherever you want to, at your convenience, with the iphone/ipad/android apps.

The new Flickr activity feed

[Share] Recommended UV Baby Milk Bottle Sterilizer

Recommended UV Baby Milk Bottle Sterilizer

Baby Bottle Sterilizer

If you have a baby at home, you would need to wash and sterilize your baby's milk bottles after each feed. A troublesome task but necessary one. There are two ways to do it, with a steam sterilizer or the traditional way of using hot water to soak them. Both may pose some kind of scalding danger as it involves hot water or steam. It is often easy to get scalded by the hot steam or by touching the bottle while it is hot.

Therefore a UV sterilizer is not only convenient but is also much safer. You also do not need to boil water or fill the sterilizer with water, etc. and the bottles are not scalding hot. And you can leave the bottles inside until you need them.

A worthwhile investment that all busy new parents may want to consider.

[Share] How to make great hotdogs - the simple secret behind great tasting hot dogs!

How to make great hot dogs

The simple secret behind great tasting hot dogs!

Great Hot Dogs, made even greater

Do you love to eat hot dogs? 
Everyone knows a good hot dog requires good sausage, good old mustard, melted cheese, some pickles and tomato or chilli sauce - depending on preference.

Alright, you know how to make a good hot dog at home but do you know how to make it even greater?

Do you know that just a simple add-on to your hot dog that can make it even greater?

Here is the secret which I found out :-

Firstly, cut open the bun as you would normally.
Apply some garlic spread on it and then lightly toast the bun for 1-2 minutes.
Once its done, place in your hot dog and apply your condiments, be it pickles, mustard, chilli, cheese or tomato sauce.

Try it, you will be amazed how good the garlic spread goes with the hot dog. If you are running a stall at the fun fair selling hot dog buns, don't forget to try this and wait for the queues to form!

[Share] LifeHacks - 99 Simple Tips to Make Your Life Easier

LIFEHACKS - Tips to make your life easier

I enjoy learning lifehacks. Though you may not need to use any of it now, it is always good to know them at the back of your head so that when the time comes, you have the solution instantly (unless your memory fails you).

Here are 99 lifehacks presented in easy to understand image form, hope they would be of use to you one day.

Which lifehack is your favourite? Do you have any lifehacks to share?

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