[Share] Great Value Deal for Xbox 360 250GB Kinect Bundle

Heavily Discounted Xbox 360 Kinect Console Bundle

This is a great deal for Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle. Just in time if you are looking to get one as a Xmas gift or for yourself!
As at time of posting this it is going for US$239.99

[Share] Asphalt 8 is free on iTunes App Store for a limited period!

Download this game if you like racing games.


iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 4

[Share] An iMessage prank you can play on your friends using iPhone

This is a prank you can play with friends who use iMessage (you need to be using iOS devices that can support iMessaging).

Watch this video, then download the gif from here and save it on your iphone.
Download gif here

Essentially, you select a friend whom uses imessage, attach this gif that you have downloaded and send it to him/her via imessage, without any text. It works best when you are in the midst of an imessage conversation with them and you know they are online / checking their phone.

This is how the gif file looks like

[Candy Crush Saga] New update to Candy Crush Saga on mobile and desktop

There is a new update for mobile versions to Level 440 Candy Crush Saga. The desktop version is now up to Level 500!

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