[Candy Crush Saga] How to clear Level 140 of Candy Crush Saga

A Candy Crusher from our Flickrshare Candy Crusher Facebook Group requested for help on Level 140.

So here goes :-

Tips and guide for Level 140 of Candy Crush Saga

This level requires you to clear 99 each of yellow, red and orange candies. The difficultly here lies in the number of moves given at the start. You will not pass this level if you just match 3 candies only with each and every move. 

Tip 1 - Make use of cascading candies to make chain moves
Hence some strategizing is required to ensure that there is a chain of reaction for each move you make so that you clear more candies with each move (best if the candies are of the required colours).

Tip 2 - Create stripped candies
Stripped candies clear more candies with each move. Try to create them with every opportunity that you have. An additional tip is not to trigger them but let cascading candies help to trigger them. This way, you save on moves for those that would create matches when the candies cascade down.

Tip 3 - Rainbow sprinkles
This should be the top priority in every move. Scan for opportunities to create them before you look for other possible moves. Match them with any stripped candy or the most candies on the board for your required colour. If you have any particular colour with many left uncleared, you can also use for the colour - note that you will not clear the level even if you clear all but 1 of the required colours.

Tip 4 - Use Extra Moves from your friends
If you get stuck long enough, Candy Crush will send messages to your friends to help you by sending you extra moves for the level. Just ensure that you have plenty of friends playing Candy Crush, if not, join in our Flickrshare Candy Crusher Facebook group to meet more like minded lovers of Candy Crush!

Tip 5 - Don't give up


  1. I just wanted to say thank you as this level was really getting me at my witts end. I followed your tips and basically just took my time always making sure to look for any moves that would get me the best combos before anything else. I only just made it with moves left to go, but I made it! These tips were brilliant!

    1. Thank you Monica. Its always nice to know that this blog has made a difference to other people's lives, even it its just a minor difference. It could mean a difference of hours, days or even weeks of being stuck on the same level!


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