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[Candy Crush Saga] New update for Android to Level 485

Candy Crush Saga - screenshot thumbnail

There is a new update for Android version of Candy Crush Saga.
The latest update takes you all the way up to Level 485.
There is no new update for iPhone and Desktop version of Candy Crush Saga yet.

I have been waiting for the new levels beyond Level 500 for a few weeks now. This round of updates is taking a bit longer than usual.

Stay tuned for Candy Crush Saga update news.

Update your Android version of Candy Crush Saga here

[Share] Free 20GB of Cloud Storage - A Dropbox Alternative

Previously I shared about Dropbox, a free online cloud storage service. However, the initial free storage space given by Dropbox is only 5GB.

Recently, I came across Copy, another service that is offering almost the same service as Dropbox. The good thing about Copy is the initial storage is 15GB, 3 times more than Dropbox. You also get extra storage space of 5GB for each referral.

This service is useful, for eg. if you are a photographer and wants to share photos with your clients or friends or family. If you have a huge ebook collection, you can upload them to your Copy drive and then access those books that you want from your mobile devices - freeing up space on your mobile devices.

I recommend using their mobile app to manage your files on Copy, cos it is much more user friendly than their web and desktop app. You can move your files around using the mobile app.

Click on this referral link to sign up and you will get extra 5GB from the start.

[Share] Puma Slipstream going for almost 50% off in Amazon

Good deal spotted.

Last 3 pairs at $42.49 instead of usual $80.

Only applies to this black colour, other colours are around the usual price of $80.

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[Share] Country Music Awards 2013

While doing some video surfing on Youtube, I came across some videos from Country Music Awards 2013. From where I live, there is very little exposure to American country music with the exception of some country artists who make successful crossover to the pop scene like more recently, Taylor Swift, Pixie Lott, Carrie Underwood, just to name a few. In fact, over here, we are unable to access a lot of Country Music videos on Youtube due to region restrictions. At best, we could only get karaoke versions or cover versions made by some wannabe home singers - mostly doing more damage than good to the original song.

That said, I did come across Garth Brooks previously when he did this song "Lost in You" under an alter ego "Chris Gaines" as it received airplay in the mainstream radios over here and I liked it very much.

I always had this (wrongful) impression that country music is about hillbilly in a cowboy hat singing songs with a funny twang. However, all these misconceptions were all but dispelled when I watched some of the performances on CMA 2013.

Here are some of the ones which blew me away. I will never look at Country Music the same way again. If you had the same misconception which I had previously, perhaps watching these videos might change your mind.

I strongly encourage you to watch if you have not watched it before.

[Candy Crush Saga] A little song dedication to all Flickrshare CandyCrushers out there!

How to clear Candy Crush 

Finding it tough to clear a level on Candy Crush?

You are probably here reading this blog because you have been searching for clues to clear the hardest level on Candy Crush (you think but there are far more waiting for you!).
Some levels, tips and hints just can't help but here is a cute little song that might....and Sharon Leigh, this is for you.

[Candy Crush Saga] Newest update on mobile version to Level 455

Latest update to the mobile versions for iphone and android is now available. Desktop update is still not available yet (still at Level 500)

iPhone Screenshot 1

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