[RECOMMEND] Chemical Free Toilet Stain Remover No More Washing

*The following is not a hardsell advertisement but a genuine product review.

Why didn't they invent this earlier?

To use this product,
  1. Firstly, give your toilet bowl a good scrub to remove all stains. Use bleach if necessary.
  2. Open up the flush cistern cover, pop this product into one corner of the tank where it does not obstruct any moving parts or water flow.
  3. Throw away your toilet bowl brush.

Its been more than 2 weeks since I tried out this product in my 2 toilets. And I swear that it has been a good two weeks of no washing or scrubbing of toilet bowls. Totally no effort required of me except to install it for the first time and to flush my toilets regularly.

2 weeks after installation. Still spotlessly clean.

I find it hard to believe that this thing would last 5 years without replacement but I wont complain if it does. Two weeks on, there is not even a faint stain on my toilet bowl yet. I saved time, effort, water and chemical detergents that would otherwise harm the environment.

All public toilet operators should buy this product for their stinky toilets, especially coffeeshop owners! Dont stinge, for just $15.50 each, it would be the best investment you make!

I repeat again, no scrubbing or washing, just plain o' flushing after each use. Unbelieveable product!
It is one of those inventions that change the world.

Even if it doesnt keep out the stains, it would surely reduce the frequency that you need to wash your toilet bowls! Its that amazing!

Tips on Usage
The trick to using this is to wash your toilet bowls properly before use. Make sure it is clean, I made sure mine were by pouring bleach into the bowls and letting it soak for at least half an hour before flushing the stains off.
Once the bowls are perfectly spotless, place the tablets into the flushing cistern and you are all set to remove the shackles from toilet bowl scrubbing! Don't complain about the product not working if you use it on a stain filled bowl in the first place, this product is not meant to clean your mess but to prevent future stains from forming. So all PRE-EXISTING stains have to be removed by YOURSELF, not by the product.
But hey, think about it, its going to be your last toilet bowl wash for the next 5 years! Do it with a smile, com'on.

If you have been using this for a while too, do share your experience by posting a comment!

[Recipe] How to Make Otah Otah

How to make Otah Otah - Fish paste wrapped in banana leaves and grilled

Otah Otah is a very popular item at BBQ parties. It is fragrant and light, so you can down a few of these easily without feeling like throwing up. It goes well with plain rice, wrapped in bread, fried noodles, anything that you fancy.

Something that tastes so good with its complex layers of flavours might be difficult to prepare, you might think. But its not as difficult as you think. The difficult part is in getting all the ingredients together, thereafter, preparing them is a breeze.

The most difficult ingredient to find / make yourself is perhaps the fish paste. It is a tedious process, so I highly recommend that you go the easy way and buy it from the market stalls. However, if you still want to be gung-ho, you can visit this link which gives a rather good picture by picture instructional guide to making fish paste. It might be a good deterrent and help to change your mind about going DIY.

Otah Paste
Handful of Red Chillies (depending on your spice tolerance level)
Handful of Dried Chillies, to prepare them, soak in hot water for about 20 mins and then drain them
120g peeled shallots (small red onions)
2 Candlenuts (Buah Keras) - these nuts are toxic when raw, do cook them well before consuming
20g Blue Ginger (Galangal)
2 destalked Kaffir Lime Leaves (a bit harder to find, but sometimes you can get it from Sheng Siong. A huge packet goes for about a dollar, more than what you need here, you can keep the rest for making Tom Yum Goong, which I might feature in a later post)2 Tumeric Leaves
10g of dried shrimp paste (Belacan)
Candlenuts / Buah Keras

Kaffir Lime Leaves

Picture from http://www.hub-uk.com/vegetables/galangal.htm

Blend all the above using a food processor till it turns into a pasty texture and add them to a bowl with the following ingredients below and mix it to form a thick paste.

Otah Meat
Half a kg of fish paste made from white fish - Mackeral, Catfish, Saito, etc - can find them in wet markets - try the fish ball stalls.
A dash of Tumeric powder - buy from Sheng Siong (1 small packet $0.30)
A dash of Salt & Sugar
A packet of thick Coconut Milk (can buy those small ready made packets)
An egg
Some cornflour

After mixing them, cover the bowl with cling wrap and let it sit in the fridge for 2 hours.

Meanwhile, sit down and cut the banana leaves into squares of about 15cm.

Once the fish paste is ready, take a dollop of it and plonk it into the middle of the squarish banana leaf. Then fold up the two sides of the leaf to wrap over the paste. Secure it by poking toothpicks at both ends like this :-
Otah Otah

Then send them to the BBQ grill and grill them to perfection. When its cooked, it should be in one piece and taken the shape of the banana leaf, instead of still in paste form. If you don't have a BBQ fire, use your oven toaster to toast it for about 8-10 minutes, making sure the leaves don't get too burnt. A little burnt like this picture here is fine.
"If no toaster how?", you may ask. Well, the last resort is to steam it but then you lose the kick of a chargrilled banana leaf smell.

[Share] Handy Knife Sharpener @ $1.90 only

In the past, no matter how I sharpened my old blunt knives on the sharpening stone, they just don't cut it (pun intended). Just as I was about to give up on the old knives and throw them away, I saw this product being demonstrated at a pasar malam and went away quite impressed but still doubtful. But when I saw the same item on sale at Qoo10 for less than half the price sold at the pasar malam, I decided without a second thought to bet a little bit of money on this product to give my knives a second lease of life.

This gadget really does its work very well and sharpened all my old knives. Best of all, you just spend seconds on each knife and it will work like new again. I used to have trouble even slicing carrots, but now, I can slice them like Fruit Ninja.

To use, just secure the suction to a table top and swipe your knife through the Tungsten sharpener in the direction towards you. A few swipes and you will be good to go. Scissors can also be sharpened with this gadget except that you face the inner blade upwards in a 45 degrees tilt and pull the scissors towards your direction. Just bear in mind, the direction is towards you but don't overdo it or else you will stab your ownself. Also, expect to see some shavings from the knife as the tough tungsten does its job to streamline the blade.

Now my knives have to thank this gadget for giving them a new lease of lives!

At the current offer of $1.90 before shipping, there is little at stake for you to try it out yourself.  That said, I would not recommend that you use this on expensive (read : branded) knives as such knives should be sent for professional sharpening to maintain its lifespan and quality.  If you are using $2 knives from Daiso, then sharpen away to your hearts' content!

Don't miss this offer while it is still on, click on the picture and it will link you straight to the product page at Qoo10!



[Recipe] Pan Seared Cod Fillet with Herbs

Pan Seared Cod Fillet with Herbs by M.T.W.C.

This look impressive, however, is yet another easy dish.
The fillet used was frozen cod fish fillet. Something that I bought from Carrefour during its last days here in Singapore.
All I did was sprinkle some herb/spice premix for fish/seafood on the fillet as seasoning, prior to pan frying them. You can apply some salt and/or ginger to get rid of the fishy smell.
Oil is needed even if you use non-stick, otherwise the fish would end up very dry.
Just sear them for several minutes, turning them over every now and then to prevent burnt sides. You want them to be golden brown but not black.
Once the fish is cooked through, you should get them off the pan, if not the fish will not taste nice when overcooked.
Sprinkle on some rosmary leaves if you like.
I also squeezed in some fresh lime as I like a little bit of that acidic taste of lime with fish.


Long Beans with Minced Pork

Long Beans with Minced Pork by M.T.W.C.
Long Beans with Minced Pork, a photo by M.T.W.C. on Flickr.

Thai Chilli Clams with Basil Leaves

Thai Chilli Clams with Basil Leaves by M.T.W.C.
Nam Prig Pow or Thai Chilli Jam is a secret ingredient in many thai dishes, for eg. Tom Yum Goong.
When added, it gives an added dimension to the taste of the soup and the improvement it makes to the taste is very clear.
On its own, it tastes sweet but not too spicy. When stir fried, it gives a potent fragrance that leaves you gasping for breath. However, the end reward is well justified.
This is a relatively easy dish to cook, yet it taste so wonderful that it leaves you wanting more after the last clam has been devoured. So make sure you have enough clams to go around.
Ingredients :
Thai Chilli Jam (Nam Prig Pow)
Clams (can be replaced with mussels but I prefer clams)
Basil Leaves
Chilli padi (optional)
Method :
Wash and soak clams in salt water for at least 20 minutes
Heat oil & sliced onions in pan till fragrant
Stir in Nam Prig Pow
Add in clams, chilli padi and basil leaves
Stir the clams around to coat them with the Nam Prig Pow
Cover pan, turn fire into simmer and when all the clams have opened up, it is ready to eat
Discard any unopened clams


Soba by M.T.W.C.
Soba, a photo by M.T.W.C. on Flickr.
Home cooked soba with marrow green soup

Pan Seared Chicken Wings

Untitled by M.T.W.C.

Seriously, you can't go wrong with chicken wings, especially mid-joints!
You can marinate it with any spice or seasoning that you like and it will turn out nice.
I like to add sesame oil, chicken salt, honey or sugar, a dash of lime juice, fish sauce and soya sauce and then coat with some corn flour before I throw them into the pan or BBQ (without the corn flour).
Whatever rocks your boat, you can even add in beer or sweet carbonated drinks (eg. coke or F&N orange) to tenderize the meat and give it extra flavour if you wish.
Anyway you cook it, thats the way you want it.
I have not tried adding cumin or coriandar powder before but I think it would be nice too.

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