[Share] How to solve a Rubik's cube with easy instructions

Solving rubik's cube seem impossible to normal earthlings like us. If you have ever watched a kid solve a rubik cube in seconds like the one below, you could be forgiven if you think that they might be aliens.

And if you ever tried to search for an easy to follow instruction guide, more often than not, you end up confusing yourself with the instructions. I've been there and done that too, till I came across this website below.

how to solve a rubik's cube

If all else fails, you might want to get this gadget below to help you :-)

[Share] How to write a song the easiest way

The easiest method to write a song

In the mood to make some music or to write a song to declare your love but you know nuts about music theory?

Don't worry, here is an easy way to start making some music.

Here is what you need :-

  1. A guitar or a piano
  2. A pen and paper
  3. The cheat sheet below

If you want an easier way, here is a web page that generates chord progressions for you based on the type of song you wish to write http://autochords.com

[Candy Crush Saga] Video Guide to Candy Crush Saga Level 477

How to clear Level 477 of Candy Crush Saga

This is my first ever video guide on Candy Crush. I have not done any video guides so far as I do not find them particularly useful for players who are stuck on a level. This is because the layout of candies at the start each time is never the same even for the same level. So how useful is a video guide other than for the creator to maybe show off his Candy Crush score?

Candy Crush Video Guide with a Difference!

For this Flickrshare's video guide to Candy Crush Level 477 and future video guides (if any), I have added some tips as the video plays. These tips are meant to be applicable and useful in any situation for the same level, so it is important for the viewer to turn on Annotation when watching this video, otherwise you will miss the important tips!

Although, in this video, it is not a 3 star game but I am certain that it will be more helpful to you than any of the 3 stars Candy Crush videos out there!

Without further ado, please enjoy my first ever video guide and please leave some comments to help me improve!

[Share] Running shoes on sale at Qoo10 - Nike New Balance

If you are looking for a pair of running shoes, you are in luck because there will be a time limited sale on Qoo10 for running shoes from Nike, New Balance.

Please note that the sellers may not be the authorised dealers, though from the photos of the products, it looked like authentic models that I have seen in authorised shops before.

New Balance Shoes

Nike Shoes

While you are at it, you might need some socks as well....

[Candy Crush Saga] Level 485 of Candy Crush Saga now available

Desktop version of Candy Crush updated to Level 485

A new episode is now available on the desktop version of Candy Crush.

[Candy Crush Saga] New update to Candy Crush Saga mobile version to Level 425

Level 425 now available on Candy Crush mobile version

The newest update to Candy Crush mobile version brings the highest level to 425. Get introduced to the Toffee Tornado blocker, if you have not met them yet.

Here are some tips to deal with the Toffee Tornado to help you along :-

How to deal with the Toffee Tornados in Candy Crush Saga

[Guitar Chords] How to play "Boyce Avenue - We Are Young (Acoustic/Unplugged Version)"

Boyce Avenue - We Are Young (Acoustic Version) on guitar

Came across this easy to follow guitar tutorial on Youtube.

I like it because firstly, he does not speak too much unlike other Youtube videos, where the guitar player goes on and on before finally getting to the song itself.

Secondly, the chords are there on screen for you to follow easily. It is easier to learn from diagram than to listen to the teacher telling you which string, which fret, etc.

This song is called We Are Young, originally sung by the band "Fun". "Boyce Avenue" stripped it down to an unplugged version which sounded as good as the original version. If you have not heard it before, take a listen to it and see if you like it.

You may need to watch it a few times to learn as this song chords changes pretty fast, but once you get the hang of the song, you can show it off to your family and friends!

[Candy Crush Saga] How to clear Level 463 of Candy Crush Saga

Level 463 - The most ridiculous level on Candy Crush, yet!

If you have thought that tornadoes were causing ridiculous difficulty on Candy Crush, wait till you try Level 463.

Flickrshare hereby declares Level 463 as the most difficult level so far!

Firstly, there are way too many jellies to clear for a paltry 15 moves, yes you read it right, 15 moves!

Secondly there are mysterious candies that create more jellies when matched!

The only thing you can do is to match combos.

Most effective in this round is the wrapped and stripped combo. You will get plenty of these two candies in this level, however, to lay them nicely next to each other is difficult because the cascading candies may blow up your wrapped candies before your move.

Second most effective which is harder to get is a stripped and rainbow candy combo.

If you are lucky enough, a wrapped and wrapped combo is also useful. But I think its hard to get them in this level.

So far, I see the only method to clear this level is by utter destruction and HOPE FOR THE BEST!

There are plenty of fishes around but they are not effective because they don't really do much to clear the important jellies which are unreachable.

That's right, this level is mainly luck based.

[Candy Crush Saga] Mobile version of Candy Crush Saga updated to Level 410

New update to Candy Crush Saga Mobile Version

The latest update to mobile version of Candy Crush Saga now takes you to Level 410!

Hurry and download the latest update!

[Candy Crush Saga] New update to Level 470 on Candy Crush Saga Desktop version

Latest Candy Crush Saga update to Level 470 on desktop version now.
Get your level passes from your friends!

[Share] SONY NEX Camera at low price

Good Camera Price Recommendation - SONY Nex-3N

I have used Sony nex-5 camera before and it takes wonderful photos. If you do not wish to carry the bulky DSLR on your trips, the Sony Nex series of cameras offer DSLR quality images in a lightweight and compact camera. This is because the Nex series uses a large image sensor almost similar to the entry levels DSLR and much larger compared to other higher end compact cameras (e.g. Canon S110) that are almost similar in price. In these days, size of image sensors are what it matters in producing quality images, it is no longer the megapixel count. If you want superior images, size of image sensors are what you should be considering instead of megapixel count.

Plus you have the option of changing lens on the Sony Nex camera like a DSLR, except that the lens are somewhat pricey and proprietary to the Sony Nex system only.

For this low price of $650 now, it comes with a 16-50mm lens which is sufficient to cover most of the angles you would be taking on a holiday trip, i.e. good for close ups portraits of people/animals/plants/interesting objects (50mm), near distance group photos as well as wide angled scenery (16mm).

If you are going for image quality without breaking your bank, this is a good camera to invest in. I am still using mine which was the first generation of Nex-5.

[Candy Crush Saga] How to change Facebook account for playing Candy Crush Saga

Playing Candy Crush Saga on iPad or iPhone using another Facebook account

On iPad or iPhone, there is a Facebook account which you can set as the default such that any app that uses Facebook account to log in will use the default Facebook account to do so. 

This default Facebook account setting can be accessed via the Facebook option in Settings menu.

Changing the default Facebook account in iPad iPhone

Naturally whenever you start your Candy Crush game, the default Facebook account will be used to sign in. If the iPad/iPhone is a borrowed one, you would need to change the default Facebook account to yours in order to use your own Facebook account to play Candy Crush and continue your own progress.

Important thing to note before you change the default Facebook account on the iPad or iPhone

It makes things easier if the original iPad/iPhone owner does not play Candy Crush as you can change the default Facebook account to yours, log in to Candy Crush game, then go back to the settings and change it back to the owner's Facebook account. If you miss this step, should anyone using this iPad/iPhone log in to any app via Facebook, the account used will be yours. If you don't wish for your Facebook privacy (or whatever that's left of it) to be compromised in other apps, make sure you change the default Facebook account back to the original Facebook account! If not, the next person could access your instagram account for example or sign-in to a new app using your Facebook account.

How to change Facebook account used for Candy Crush game on your iPad or iPhone

First of all, before you proceed, you should seek the rightful owner's permission to allow you to change the Facebook account from the device - this is basic courtesy. Then you need to log out the previous user from Candy Crush Saga. Go to the golden arrow on the bottom left of Candy Crush start screen and choose Log Out where you see the Facebook logo. If Candy Crush is not installed yet, go on to the following steps before installing the Candy Crush app (you would need the owner's Apple ID and password to install an app on a device that is not under your Apple ID).

Candy Crush Saga Tips how to change your facebook account using iPad or iPad Mini 1

Next go to settings of your iPad or iPad mini and find the facebook icon. Tap on the name, which is probably the owner's Facebook account. Another window will appear like on picture 2, tap on Delete Account red button to log out the facebook account the currently log on on the iPad. A new window will appear, choose Delete Account.
Delete Account

After you finish to logout, you will be redirected to window where you can log in your facebook account, just sign in with your own Facebook account.

Remember to turn off Calendar and Contacts

Under the "Allow These Apps to Use Your Account", select "OFF" for all of them if you are not the main user of this iPad or iPhone, otherwise your contacts, calendar details will appear on this device.

Now install Candy Crush game if it is not yet done so. If Candy Crush is already installed, go back to the Candy Crush Saga app and start it up to connect to facebook account, which should be the one you have just changed into in the above steps. Once started, you should see your progress in the game. Take note that if you had been playing Candy Crush using another Facebook account, you will not see where you left off because Candy Crush track progress based on Facebook account - it is important that you log in with the account which you have been using to play Candy Crush all this while. 

If you still see the previous Facebook account in Candy Crush, try to reboot the device and log in to Candy Crush again.

Remember to change back to the default Facebook account after you are done

Now, if you need to return the iPad or iPhone back to the original owner, remember to go back all the way to the first step to log your own account out from Candy Crush and to remove your Facebook account as the default Facebook account on this iPad or iPhone. If this is a shared iOS device and you will still continue to play Candy Crush on it, then do not log out from Candy Crush, just change the default Facebook account in iOS settings. Then you can still continue to play Candy Crush using your Facebook account while the default Facebook account for other purposes remains that of the owner's.

[Candy Crush Saga] How to clear Level 147 Candy Crush Saga

Tips and Hints to clear Level 147 Candy Crush Saga 

Tips and Hints for Candy Crush Saga Level 147

Clear the cupcake tiles first 

Prioritize your moves to clear the cupcake tiles in the middle column and the bottom & sides first. 

Leave cascading candies to take care of the rest

Clearing the cupcake tiles early means more candies on board for you to make your moves, giving you more options. The other jelly tiles can be secondary as the cascading candies can help you to clear some, if not all of them. 

Use Combos

Stripped candies can also be helpful to help you clear the cupcake and jelly tiles, so use them where it makes the most useful impact. Even more useful are combos of stripped and wrapped candies. Use these combo to clear massive amount of jellies!

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