Thai Chilli Clams with Basil Leaves

Thai Chilli Clams with Basil Leaves by M.T.W.C.
Nam Prig Pow or Thai Chilli Jam is a secret ingredient in many thai dishes, for eg. Tom Yum Goong.
When added, it gives an added dimension to the taste of the soup and the improvement it makes to the taste is very clear.
On its own, it tastes sweet but not too spicy. When stir fried, it gives a potent fragrance that leaves you gasping for breath. However, the end reward is well justified.
This is a relatively easy dish to cook, yet it taste so wonderful that it leaves you wanting more after the last clam has been devoured. So make sure you have enough clams to go around.
Ingredients :
Thai Chilli Jam (Nam Prig Pow)
Clams (can be replaced with mussels but I prefer clams)
Basil Leaves
Chilli padi (optional)
Method :
Wash and soak clams in salt water for at least 20 minutes
Heat oil & sliced onions in pan till fragrant
Stir in Nam Prig Pow
Add in clams, chilli padi and basil leaves
Stir the clams around to coat them with the Nam Prig Pow
Cover pan, turn fire into simmer and when all the clams have opened up, it is ready to eat
Discard any unopened clams

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