How to create an online store FREE

How to create an online store FREE

If you have always harboured hopes of becoming an online entrepreneur one day but held back your ambitions because of your lack of computer programming language, etc., why not I help you to kick start your new business now? I am going to share how to create an online store free without having to know any coding language! is a Singapore startup which currently offers everything you need to set up your online store and its for FREE! It is free for the first 50 items you post right now, so hurry before they end their promotion.

So, what is included in this free service :-

Web hosting, including images of your merchandise

Your personalized website at ""

Easy to customize templates for online store. Few for you to choose from.

Share your products easily on Facebook with Facebook integration. Just click and share on your facebook network and wait for the traffic to flow in to your site!

Inventory management system to keep track of your remaining stocks, so that you don't oversell. Even allows the option of your own SKU numbering system to track your merchandise!

Various payment configurations available, so you can choose your preferred payment modes for your site

Reports, reports, reports! All the information you need to assess the performance of your web store is at your fingertips! Check unpaid items and unshipped orders. Track how near you are to earning your first million!

Allows English and Mandarin interface on your webstore, so now you can sell to the fastest developing nation in the world!

Mobile friendly version of your online store too!


Sign up is very easy. Interface to manage your online store is also easy to navigate. Be amazed by your online store after it is completed. The only thing you need to do now is to think of what to sell!

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