[Recommend] Cheaper Alternatives to 2XU / Skins Compression Wear for Sports

Affordable Compression Wear

Compression wear is supposed to help improve muscle performance by compressing your flesh by way of a tight fit. It also has that dri fit properties to draw sweat away from the body.

If you have seen 2XU or Skins compression wear in the department stores, you probably would have baulked at the prices.

But if you are not too particular about brand, there is alternatives available that is at a fraction of the price.

Useful for winter innerwear

I wear these not for sports but during winter, in lieu of long johns. It is equally comfy and keeps me warm too.

Cheap price

This brand here cost about S$15 onwards which is almost 10% of the price of a branded competitor.
While it may not be as good as the real thing, it is definitely worth a try at this price. Who knows, the more expensive branded compression wear is all hype to make you pay more for essentially the same thing?

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