[Share] Free 24" Hard Case Luggage

Not an affiliate of Citibank but just to alert those people who might need a luggage (and a credit account or two).

Citibank is offering a free 24" hardcase luggage if you sign up for 2 new Citibank Credit Cards & 1 Ready Credit or Savings Account now.

I have seen the actual luggage at Suntec City roadshows by Citibank. It is a no-brand cabin sized lugggage but looks pretty sturdy and well made. Proabably cost you $50 or more if you purchase it elsewhere. You can have a look at it yourself and sign up on the spot at the temporary Giant Hypermart that occupies the former Carrefour premises at Level 1 of Suntec City. Just be wary of pesky promoters pestering you to sign up, don't say I never warned you.

Do take note that Ready Credit is an easy credit but high interest loan facility. Use it only if you are in desperate need of cash and is confident of paying the loan & interest off with your future income stream, otherwise, you will find yourself mirred in a deep pool of debts. Even if you do not plan to use it, make sure you cancel it once the free annual fee period is over, otherwise you will end up paying for annual fee + finance charges + late interests + admin fee + even legal fees, if you forgot about it.

If you can't stand pesky touts like me and/or don't need to see the real thing, you can apply online

Disclaimer : Sign up at your own risk. I am just sharing a good deal and do not stand to gain any benefit, tangible or intangible, whatsoever, from this.

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