Installous Alternative - vShare AppVV

An alternative to Installous - vShare (AppVV)

If you were affected by the shutdown of Installous and at a loss to where to find apps for your jailbroken iphone/ipad, there is a new and better alternative called vShare AppVV.

It promises to be better than Installous as instead of downloading from filesharing websites which make you wait before you can download or have download limits, vShare AppVV download links are direct download and is pretty quick too! 

How to install vShare (AppVV)

What you need : 

An iphone or ipad that has been jailbroken and with working internet connection

How to install : 

  1. First you need to install Appsync to your device if you have not done so. If you were using Installous previously, then you probably have Appsync installed. 
  2. Open up Cydia 
  3. Add this 2 addresses to your source : "" and "" 
  4. Search for "Appsync" and install it
  5. Follow the screen instructions after the installation and then return to Cydia
  6. Search for "vShare" and install 
  7. Alternatively, instead of Step 6 above, you can also open up Safari and go to "" then Download/Install to install vShare

Watch the video here :-

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