Matching with Friends Tips & Tricks

Matching with Friends Tips & Tricks

How to beat your opponent in Matching with Friends with these easy to follow Matching with Friends Tips & Tricks.

Matching with Friends Tips & Tricks
I love Matching with Friends. Its a game based on such simple logic but yet so engaging for the brain and you never get sick of playing it, at least not for me (I have played for more than half a year on a daily basis).

Matching with Friends Tips & Tricks

Matching with Friends Tips & Tricks

Objectives of the Game

The objective of Matching with Friends, obviously, is to score more points than your opponent, a live human being, so its a battle of wits.

The trick to getting high scores is to look for your own colour - in the example above, David C's colour is Blue while his opponent Andy's colour is Yellow. Matches made of your designated colour (which varies from game to game) will score you double points.
Star squares will stay on the board once they are placed there and will match with any colour multiple times like a Joker card. Hence, make as much use as you can with these Star squares.

Creating chains on squares with x2 or x3 will gain you the same multiple of points. If you form a chain that stretches from a x3 to a x2, you get x6 points for that colour match alone, an additional x2 if that colour is your colour.

Longer chains not only score you more points in Matching with Friends but it will allow you to earn more coins. The thing about this game is that end of the game the winner get extra 2 points than the winner but it is the longest chain that you made during the game that will payout the more significant amount of coin bonus!
Matching with Friends Tips & Tricks
Coins will let you swap colour tiles when you are dealt a set of tiles that will not rake you enough points to beat your opponent. But beware, each swap of tile cost you 15 coins! So go easy on the swapping.

You can also use coins to swap the Free Bombs that was assigned to you.

So essentially, to win in Matching with Friends, you need a combination of thinking, luck and reserve of coins to help you out when your luck is down.

Matching with Friends Tips & Tricks

Dont be in a hurry to submit your move in Matching with Friends! To know what is the best score for each move, every time you place a tile correctly, the resulting points will show. So try for the best combination using the 3 set of tiles on your hand before you submit your move.

Look for the best scoring combination or for any chance of forming a consecutive long chain to transcend more than 1 multiple factor tiles, especially with your own colour. This way, you will score more points with the multiple factor(s).

Forming with your colour may net higher scores than a longer chain of other colours. Forming a longer chain with a colour may not net you more points than a shorter chain of your own colour. Dont forget, your own colour chain net you double score.

If you can't form a chain with your own colour, the next best move is to form your opponent's colours. Clear the board of his colour tiles to restrict his chances of scoring.

Form chains with Star Squares - this will allow you to form a chain even if you just have one single tile of any colour placed next to this Star Squares chain. But be warned that your opponent will also enjoy this benefit till the end of the game.

More Matching with Friends Tips & Tricks

Make use of your two bombs! Dont waste it as everyone is entitled to use two for the entire game. But I will also prefer to keep my bombs till the late stages of the game, leave the clearing to your opponent if the board is jam packed with squares that cannot form any chain. Let your opponent use up their own bombs.

Bombs can help you clear the tiles obstructing your way but it can also be used to bring your opponent to his knees. Be nasty - destroy potential multi baggers for your opponents if you are leading by the last final move, provided you have a bomb remaining. This will cripple your opponent's chances of catching up with you by taking away the star squares or clearing away his colour tiles - essential scoring tiles for him.

Play as many games as you can. Dont be afraid of losing! Playing more games not only build your experience and make you a better player, it also helps to net you more coins for future uses! Even if you lose without forming a long chain, you still get 5 coins for playing! Its free anyway, why not!

Aim to form at least an 8 squares long chain for each game. This way, even if you lose, you still get a much higher coin payout than losing without a long chain for the whole game! Its a 15 coins bonus for a 8 chain move, equal to playing 3 losing games without a long chain. Save time, earn more for each game!

Lastly, there is no real loser in Matching with Friends. Everyone gets some coins at the end of it. So enjoy it as a form of relaxation and dont get too flustered if you don't win. I have an opponent playing a more than 20 game streak with me and hasn't beaten me once yet but she is still playing, thats the spirit!

Feel free to leave a comment if you feel that my hints have helped to improve your Matching with Friends game skills or if you have more hints to share in this Matching with Friends Tips & Tricks post.

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