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Imagine if a car reversed into you and then the other driver claimed his damages against your insurance by reporting that you rear-ended him instead, then you could be in a weak position to prove the truth if you have no witness!
Safeguard yourself! Invest in an in-car Video Camera! For merely a couple of hundred bucks, you protect yourself against false or unfair accident claims by other drivers.
Recently I was involved in an accident which was caused because the other driver was speeding and didnt stop to check for traffic at the stop line. At first he was apologetic at the scene and told me to send my car to his workshop (this is a common practice for those party who are at fault and wants to settle this privately). However to my shock later on, the driver turned around and wanted me to pay for his damage, possibly after going home and thinking of a good way to skive the damages caused! 
I resolved to myself that I should invest in an in-car video camera to protect myself against such asshole drivers in future and promptly went back home and surfed my usual shopping site Qoo10. It led me to this Blackvue DR400G-HD II which I previously heard about. Though it is slightly more expensive than others in the market, I believe for an in car video camera to prove its usefulness is to gather good and reliable evidence. Those cheap cameras in the market, some even less than $50, may not be able to capture sharp enough videos to see even the number plate of the other car! Why save the little money now and regret later right? 
In the end I purchased from this seller at the link below (but I bought it at a much higher price as there was no promotion then!). The delivery was quick, less than 3 days, as I chose DHL option. As this seller is selling a domestic version meant for Korean market, the default language is in Korean. However, the seller has already installed the necessary firmware to make the product "English speaking". Hence, to avoid screwing up this firmware, do not try to update your BlackVue (purchased from this seller) by downloading the firmware updates from the official Blackvue site! Just open up and use, its that easy!
Product was easy to set up. Just peel off the 3M sticker, wipe your windscreen first, then paste it on. Just make sure you get it right the first time as 3M sticker is VERY STRONG! Plug in the power cable to your car's light socket and pop in the MicroSD card and you are now protected against dubious claims!
Videos taken by this model are sharp, even at night. There is a parking mode which is energy saving mode, if you leave it on when you park your car. That means the video cam continues to capture video but it does not write to the memory card unless it feels an impact to your car (using its gyro-sensor, similar to our smartphones) . Once there is an impact (maybe someone hit your parked car), it will write the video captured starting from a few seconds before impact and after impact into your memory card to store it for your review when you return in horror to your damaged car. Same applies even to driving mode, and event recorded is stored into the memory card for your retrieval later on.
I highly recommend this model especially at this price because it used to cost about $400+ here in Singapore. It is now half the price and has good specifications for an in car camera.

BlackVue DR400G-HD II Season 2 CHEAP PRICE

However, if you prefer to have a rear camera and a LCD screen to watch what is being recorded, you might want to consider this slightly more pricey model.

Other options you might want to consider :-

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