Battle of Match 3 Games - Candy Crush Saga vs Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz vs Candy Crush Saga 

The Battle of the Match 3 Games has crossed over to Android OS

Ladies & Gentlemen,

This is a good news for all those who are using Android smartphones and lamenting that one of the top most popular smartphone game ever produced - Bejeweled Blitz - is not available on Google Play so far.

The Android version of Bejeweled Blitz will be launched on Google Play today.

Bejeweled is probably the mother of all match 3 games and quite possibly the game that triggered the rise in casual gaming. Its success and game play formula was widely copied and spawned countless match 3 games but none could replicate its overwhelming success, that is until the arrival of Candy Crush Saga.

Why did Popcap changed their mind and release Bejeweled Blitz on Android?

The success of the young but phenomenal upstart - Candy Crush Saga - is partly attributed to the growing acceptance of Android OS as an alternative smartphone platform, as well as the reluctance of Bejeweled Blitz's makers to release an Android version of its game. With no really good match 3 alternatives being offered in Android market until the arrival of Candy Crush Saga, the growing Android user base took to Candy Crush Saga with much glee and helped by Facebook integration, the spread of word helped push Candy Crush Saga to prominence. While Bejeweled Blitz had an exclusively Apple iOS user base, Candy Crush Saga is available to both iOS and Android users. It is no wonder that Candy Crush Saga has emerged as the most talked about match 3 game of today. Furthermore, most if not all Bejeweled Blitz players also moved on to Candy Crush Saga - after all, Bejeweled Blitz has been around for quite a few years now, a new challenge is always welcomed.

I believe the unexpected and sudden steep rise in popularity of Candy Crush Saga - quite possibly one of the biggest ever game to hit the Android OS so far, after Angry Birds - has forced the hand of the makers of Bejeweled Blitz to release Bejeweled Blitz on the Android platform so that the Bejeweled series do not get forgotten or overshadowed by Candy Crush Saga.

While the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S series has helped Android gain a substantial share of the smartphone OS market, some popular games or apps still remain exclusive and loyal to the Apple OS. Indeed this might change soon, starting with Bejeweled Blitz. Whether this would be the tipping point of a shift in power from Apple to Android, remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, Android users now have one more game to install on their smartphones!

If you have never played Bejeweled Blitz before, fret not, I will be releasing a post soon with some tips to help you score as much points as possible within the 60-seconds blitz and give you a fighting chance to chalk up credible scorelines to move up the score boards against your iOS Facebook friends who have enjoyed a headstart to this game.

Meanwhile, keep checking Google Play and be amongst the first to download Bejeweled Blitz for Android!

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