[Recipe] Pan Fried Radish in Soy Sauce


400g radish or 2 slices of 6-7cm thickness
300ml kelp stock
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp usukuchi
1/2 tbsp sugar
15g butter
1 tbsp Japanese soy sauce
Some grapefruit peel (optional)
1 tsp mirin


  1. Cut a cross on top of radish slices
  2. Fill enough water in pot to submerge radish slices and cook in until softened
  3. Rinse radish in cold water for 5 minutes to wash off the bitter taste
  4. Bring kepl stock to a boil, add in radish and simmer until tasty
  5. Remove radish and drain
  6. Add butter to a hot pan and then radish slices
  7. Pan fry until golden brown
  8. Add in mirin and fry until light brown

How to prepare Kelp Stock

Wipe kelp with clean cloth to remove dirt and soak it in a pot of water for 2-3 hours
Simmer the pot of water on low heat to a boil
Discard the kelp when water is boiled

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