[Candy Crush Saga] Tips and Hints for Level 455 of Candy Crush Saga

How to clear Level 455 of Candy Crush Saga

Level 455 requires you to collect 120 each of red, blue and orange candies. This is a naturally high scoring game, it is more difficult to stay in the game without having a time bomb explode on you than to collect enough of the required colour candies.

Hints and Tips for Level 455 Candy Crush

The difficult part here is the two bars at the left and bottom which is filled with jelly and is hard to reach. This level has a particularly high number of time bombs which will reappear after you have cleared them.

There are half a dozen of rainbow sprinkles that are locked in jellies to help you.

Always keep an eye out for time bombs that are in danger of exploding soon. 

The key to this level is to use the rainbow sprinkles at the right time and only when necessary.

To reach the rainbow sprinkles locked in the jelly, you need to use stripped candies. Be careful not to waste the rainbow sprinkles that have no more jelly by blasting a stripped candy at them. I would also not advise clearing the bottom row - where the rainbow sprinkles are located - too early in the game. This is because time bombs may cascade down and will stay there. It is very difficult to get rid of them once they have sunk to this bottom row and you are left with stripped candies to help you.

Leave the rainbow sprinkles untouched, if you can, until when you have a time bomb that is exploding soon. Make use of the rainbow sprinkle at the right time to save your game from ending prematurely by exploding time bombs. Furthermore, new time bombs will keep appearing for the entire game. Save some rainbow sprinkles for later stages of the game when you could not reach some of the time bombs about to explode.

There is also opportunities to create rainbow sprinkles within the active game board and if you can do so, try to match it with a stripped candy as it would help to collect more candies rather than matching the rainbow sprinkle with a colour.

Make as many explosive moves as you can within the active game board to help you run down the number of candies to collect.

You may end up with two rainbow sprinkles side by side. Save it till one of the time bomb is about to explode, then unleash the fury of clearing the entire board - it destroys the time bombs and help to rack up the coloured candies.

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