How to get iPhone or iPad paid apps for free or at a discount without Jailbreaking

Never pay full price for an app anymore!

How to get paid iOS apps for FREE, legally

If you would like to get paid apps for free or at a discount, it is simpler than you think. No jailbreaking is required.

A little patience and sometimes good timing is required though but once you start to find out that you can get your desired apps at a reduced price or even free in a relatively easy manner, you might find that you would no longer want to pay for apps and start saving some serious money!

Due to intense competition for the consumer's attention, app developers often give their apps for free or at a reduced price for a limited period - when they wish to make their apps more visible to the market. When apps go free or on a discount, the increase in download numbers can help to push their app up the charts and make them more visible to downloading customers. There are millions of apps fighting to be in the Top 100 charts, you can bet how intense the competition is.

Although these promotional period can be anytime and you need to keep a lookout for it in order to enjoy it when it goes free, many app developers like to do it during American public holidays, for eg. Independence Day or Thanksgiving Day. So during holiday season, always check the Top Free charts for your desired paid apps going for free or at a reduced price. There are also free apps that help you to track apps that have gone free or are on sale for you, doing the monitoring for you! Isn't it easy?

As some apps do not allow you to update if you happen to get it for free or at a discounted price, you can also make use of the method here to track its next promotional period to get the latest version.

Useful apps for tracking iOS apps on sale or free

Appshopper is one such app that helps you to track a wishlist of your apps and alerts you when your desired apps go on sale. You can also track the history of apps on your wishlist to guess when the next upcoming sale would be and whether it would be coming soon so that you can hold off your purchase. You can also visit to do the tracking.


Apple Store App

This app is only available via the US Appstore. If you are able to get your hands on it, you will be able to enjoy its offering of a free app or an iBook each week.

Apple Appstore also gives away free apps or songs whenever they are celebrating a milestone, for eg. a billion downloads, etc.


While other sites and apps might highlight one or a few paid apps, this website tracks and highlights all the paid apps that have become free for that day.

To get the daily alert, you can subscribe to its e-mail alerts to receive a long list of paid apps that are now free with their previous price tags.

AppZapp (Also has an Android version at Google Play Store)

The Now Free icon will lead you to this section which shows you all the paid apps that are currently free with the apps' previous pricing.

You can also look out for the Sale section where you can find apps that are going cheaper than their listed price.

There is a Pro version ($1.28), which has all the same features, except that it allows you to set a specific price alert for apps at the trigger price that you would pay for.

Free App A Day

The Free App A Day website will alert you to a free paid app per day.'s App Deals page

This page regularly features the apps that have gone free or on sale.

Now you can start saving your money.

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