How to make the perfect Sunny Side Up

How to fry an egg 

Do you love to eat eggs for breakfast? The challenge of Sunny Side Up is to cook the top side of the egg fast enough so that the bottom side that is on the pan do not get cooked too long to get burnt. I like my sunny side up a bit burnt so that the edges are crispy but too burnt and you only taste the burnt flavour.

Watch this video to learn how to make the perfect Sunny Side Up for breakfast!

Obviously, judging from the comments to the video, it is still not the best way to cook the perfect sunny side up.

Some said that too much oil was used (especially on a non-stick pan), which I agree. Some bit of oil is needed so that the egg does not stick to the pan, but two to three teaspoons of oil for an egg is overkill.

Of course the spatula used on a non-stick pan should not be a metal one so that you do not scratch the non-stick or Tefal coating on the pan. It is good have the non-stick coating on the pan but not in your food.

A good idea suggested by one reader is to use a cover to "steam" the top surface of the egg so that it cooks more evenly.

My own suggestion to make your Sunny Side Up taste even better is to drip 3-5 drops of Dark Soya Sauce on the egg. You can skip the salt as Dark Soya Sauce is salty by itself but keep the pepper if you like the peppery kick.

Somehow, eggs cooked in any form goes well with dark soya sauce, whether it is poached, semi-boiled, sunny side up, etc. Try it, if you have not tried using dark soya sauce with eggs before.

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