[Candy Crush Saga] Video Guide to Candy Crush Saga Level 477

How to clear Level 477 of Candy Crush Saga

This is my first ever video guide on Candy Crush. I have not done any video guides so far as I do not find them particularly useful for players who are stuck on a level. This is because the layout of candies at the start each time is never the same even for the same level. So how useful is a video guide other than for the creator to maybe show off his Candy Crush score?

Candy Crush Video Guide with a Difference!

For this Flickrshare's video guide to Candy Crush Level 477 and future video guides (if any), I have added some tips as the video plays. These tips are meant to be applicable and useful in any situation for the same level, so it is important for the viewer to turn on Annotation when watching this video, otherwise you will miss the important tips!

Although, in this video, it is not a 3 star game but I am certain that it will be more helpful to you than any of the 3 stars Candy Crush videos out there!

Without further ado, please enjoy my first ever video guide and please leave some comments to help me improve!


  1. Thanks for the tips & advise ! Good play , i'm gonna try that out now, wish me luck !


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