[Candy Crush Saga] How to clear Level 95 Candy Crush Saga Tips & Hints

Here is a guide to clearing Level 95 Candy Crush Saga (non-Dreamworld)

Candy Crush Level 95 Guide & Hints
Candy Crush Level 95
For Level 95, candies will exit from the bottom of the lowest row in the middle columns and into the lower portion on the extreme left & right columns. The arrows pointing down is showing where they will exit.
The trick is to get the cherries and hazelnuts to the extreme left or right columns and then get them out of the system by using horizontal striped candies or other combos to blast away candies blocking the exits.
Plenty of big blasting action on the lower half of the board would help to pave the way for the cherries and hazelnuts to filter down and out of the board.

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