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In the past, no matter how I sharpened my old blunt knives on the sharpening stone, they just don't cut it (pun intended). Just as I was about to give up on the old knives and throw them away, I saw this product being demonstrated at a pasar malam and went away quite impressed but still doubtful. But when I saw the same item on sale at Qoo10 for less than half the price sold at the pasar malam, I decided without a second thought to bet a little bit of money on this product to give my knives a second lease of life.

This gadget really does its work very well and sharpened all my old knives. Best of all, you just spend seconds on each knife and it will work like new again. I used to have trouble even slicing carrots, but now, I can slice them like Fruit Ninja.

To use, just secure the suction to a table top and swipe your knife through the Tungsten sharpener in the direction towards you. A few swipes and you will be good to go. Scissors can also be sharpened with this gadget except that you face the inner blade upwards in a 45 degrees tilt and pull the scissors towards your direction. Just bear in mind, the direction is towards you but don't overdo it or else you will stab your ownself. Also, expect to see some shavings from the knife as the tough tungsten does its job to streamline the blade.

Now my knives have to thank this gadget for giving them a new lease of lives!

At the current offer of $1.90 before shipping, there is little at stake for you to try it out yourself.  That said, I would not recommend that you use this on expensive (read : branded) knives as such knives should be sent for professional sharpening to maintain its lifespan and quality.  If you are using $2 knives from Daiso, then sharpen away to your hearts' content!

Don't miss this offer while it is still on, click on the picture and it will link you straight to the product page at Qoo10!



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