Recommended Apps for Jailbroken iPhone/iPad

To maximize the powers of your jailbroken iPhone or ipad, you can install the following useful apps from Cydia on your iPhone or iPad :-

Before you do so, you need to add the following repositories to your Cydia by navigating to Manage>Add>Edit :-

The apps you might find useful are :-

  1. SBSettings - easy swipe on the top of screen to toggle on/off frequently used settings like Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. Beats having to go thru so many steps via Settings.
  2. Winterboard - customize the look of your device.
  3. AppVV - install appstore apps for free. May I add that this is illegal, do it over your own conscience.
  4. 3G Unrestrictor (to allow Facetime and downloading of large sized apps from Appstore over 3G).
  5. MultiIconMover - move multiple icons from one page to another easily. 
  6. Anyattach - Attach any files to your emails easily.
  7. Pushtone - Change your notification tone easily for any app. For eg. Whatsapp.

For your PC, you can install iFunbox. An easy to use installer to manage and install apps on your jailbroken devices. be added on

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