[Recommend] New Alternative to Dropbox : Cubby

Introducing the new alternative to Dropbox - Cubby

If you have been using Dropbox and running out of free space, try Cubby.
It promises more features than Dropbox. 
Hence, with competition comes choices for consumers like you and me.
And with 5GB free upon signup, you having nothing to lose but an additional online 5GB storage to gain! 

Dropbox Alternative : Cubby

Cubby™Dropbox™Sugarsync®Box™ (Personal)SkyDrive®Google Drive™iCloud®
Work the way you want
Total free storageup to 25GBup to 18GBup to 32GB5GB7GB5GB5GB
Reward per referral1GB500MB for free users, 1GB for paying users500MB if friend opens a free account, 10GB if friend opens 30GB account
Unlimited versioning
Unlimited file size uploads
Cubby Locks
(user-held encryption key)
Your files at your command
Unlimited DirectSync™
Sync in place
Full-featured desktop app
Multi-OS platform
iOS mobile app
Android mobile app
Share with anyone, your way
Private sharing
Public sharing (read-only access)

Dropbox™, SugarSync®, Box™, SkyDrive®, Google Drive™ and iCloud® are all trademarks of Dropbox, SugarSync, Box, Microsoft, Google and Apple respectively in the US and other countries around the world.

Try Cubby now. It's free.

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