[Recommend] Cheapest Apple Lightning Cable for iPhone 5, new iPad and iPad Mini

Where to buy Apple Lightning Cables cheap

Recently I came across this offer for cheap Apple Lightning Cables on my favourite shopping site, Qoo10, which I purchased personally and would highly recommend it to anyone who is shopping for an Apple Lightning cable for their devices.


On sale now at $2.20 a pop, this Apple Lightning Cables  are dirt cheap and looks great on photos and reviews. In fact, it is cheaper than the previous version of Apple cables (even OEM) that are on sale right now. So I decided to order a few as spare cables for my iPad.


My order was delivered promptly in the mail and packed individually in resealable plastic packaging. No complaints at this front at all.


These cables looked exactly like the original cable that I have. On closer inspection, only the words "Designed by Apple California" is missing on these OEM cables, otherwise you really can't tell any difference at both ends of the cables from the original.

Quality Check

I rigorously tested every cable I ordered by putting them through the data sync test on my laptop, including transferring of actual data to and fro. Then I tested them on the charger. All 100% working very well.


I would not hesitate to recommend these OEM cables to anyone who is buying Lightning Cables right now. Though the price may change when the sale ends, if it is still below $5, I would still recommend it to anyone.

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