Bejeweled Blitz Hints & Tips & Guide & Coins Hack To Break Your Highest Score


Improve your Bejeweled Blitz scores with these easy tips and hints.

Now that Bejeweled Blitz is out on Android, I bet there are more players coming on to this game. Here is a quick guide for the new players to help them keep up to speed with their friends.

Bejeweled Blitz Tips & Hints

I will go through the various types of special gems/boosts that you can get in Bejeweled Blitz (Some parts extracted from Wikipedia) and how to make the best out of them.

Special Gems, Rare Gems & Boosts in Bejeweled Blitz 

Special Gems

Flame gems - you get it for matching 4 in a row. Creates an explosion when it is matched with same colour gems.

Lightning gems - matching 6 gems in a T or L shaped formation. Lightning strikes the horizontal and vertical rows when matched with same colour gems.

Hypercubes - for matching 5 in a row. Clears all gems of the same colour when swapped with a gem. When swapped with another diamond gem, all the gems get cleared.

Multiplier gems - Appears when you clear 12 gems in one move. Match these and your scores will multiply with the factor that you have accumulated so far. Maximum up to 8x. You will almost find it impossible to reach high scores of 700,000 and above, if you do not reach a x8 multiplier. 

Yellow Coin gems - match these to collect coins to purchase boosts.


There are a few types of boosts that you can purchase with coins prior to a game. Max of 3 boosts in one game. Each boost last for 3 games.
From left to right - 
"?" starts a game with a random gem
"Explode" detonates all special gems at once, use only once per game.
"Scrambler" scrambles all gems on the board when activated. Use twice per game.
"Timer" adds a precious 5 more seconds to the game.
"x2 Multiplier" start the game with a x2 multiplier

Rare Gems

In addition to the basic gems, Bejeweled Blitz has five Rare Gems.
  • Moonstone - When the game starts, players have three star gems. (Usual Price 15,000)
  • Cat's Eye - During the Last Hurrah at the end of the game, the Multiplier value will triple and the cat will use the eye to get rid of any gems on the board, giving the player even bigger points. The game play is otherwise normal. (Usual Price 25,000)
  • Kanga Ruby - When the game starts, a special playing field will appear which features red gems. Bruce, the Kanga Ruby Roo will appear on the screen as the game progresses. Each time the player match red gems, the meter increases. When the meter is full, Bruce attacks by using punches, kicks, and tail whips. At the Last Hurrah, Bruce will knock out any leftover gems, giving the player bigger points. The number of red gems is then multiplied by 100 Coins. There are three levels for this gem. (Usual Price 50,000)
  • Blazing Steed - When the game starts, players receive an instant Blazing Speed and Flame Gems have much larger explosions. At the end of the game, a steed of horses will turn any gems into Flame Gems, giving the players extra points. (Usual Price 55,000)
  • Phoenix Prism - This gem is a wild card and if matched with a colored gem, it removes any gems in a diagonal formation. At the end of the game, the Phoenix will appear and it will release feathers, which contains a coin bonus. Then, the player will receive a burn-up bonus, which adds 5,000 points times the multiplier to the player's subtotal.(Usual Price 75,000)

Hints & Tips for Bejeweled Blitz

How To Move Faster in Bejeweled Blitz

Do you know that you can actually start making your moves even before the "1 minute, Go!" voice prompt? That alone adds another 1 - 2 seconds more of playtime. And if you make a match, while the gems are cascading down, you can still play another match elsewhere on the board! So save time, do not wait for the gems to finish its cascading before you make the next move, just carry on!

Think fast and match fast to accumulate a speed boost. This takes practice but having a speed boost in the background means your score will jump faster too. Continue a consistently fast streak long enough and you get a Blazing Steed, this is another way to rack up a high scoring streak.

Try to look around the area where you just made a match to see if the cascading gems land itself into a potential move. This way you don't waste time moving your eyeballs here and there, all over the board.

If you are stuck finding a match, use the magnifying glass to help you find matches. So always remember where is the magnifying glass position.

Always try your best to match 4, 5, 6 or more gems to get the special gems. The gems are useful to help you get Multiplier gems so you need as many as such gems you can get to match more gems in one move. 

Use cascade to your advantage

Planning your moves such that the resulting cascade will end up in matches is also a good strategy as the scores for matches are higher this way. A series of matches in one move can net you a handsome reward.

Match those Bejeweled Blitz multiplier gems early

Multiplier gems are the fastest and easiest way to rack up your scores, therefore, the earlier you get a higher multiplier, the faster your scores will rack up. You will rake up higher scores if you can get your multipliers earlier. It also gives you a better chance of getting the higher multipliers like x6, x7 & x8, if you start early in the game.

Always keep an eye on multiplier gems that have appeared and try to make your moves to set up for a match of these multiplier gems. If you are on a Blazing Streak, try to make matches near the multiplier gems, as the surrounding gems will also be destroyed when you make a match while on a Blazing Streak.
Do note that after a multiplier gem appears, there is a short rest period before you can get the next one - so, if you can help it, do not make a potential multiplier churning move immediately after you got a multiplier, save it for 1 or 2 moves later.

Use your hypercubes carefully

Before using your hypercubes, do a quick glance to see which colour gems appears most on the board, don't waste it matching with a colour that only has a few on the board. You can make use of hypercubes to match a colour of a gem with a multiplier on your board to help you clear the multiplier easily.

Improve your Bejeweled Blitz scores further with Rare Gems and Boosts

Boosts to buy :

If you have the coins to spare, I always like to start my game with 3 boosts :-
Detonator, Added Time and x2 Multiplier.
Detonator is useful when you have more than 2 multipliers on the board already, just use it to kill 2 birds with one stone and propel you to high scoring mode.
Added time is also useful as it gives you that extra bit more time to rack up an even higher score.
x2 multiplier - This is the most useful as it may take some time just to have a x2 multiplier appear. Try to match it early so that you can earn more points and rack up the rest of the multipliers faster. Remember, you can score up to 8x more points with multipliers.

I also recommend using all 3 boosts together for the best effect. After all, you would want to maximize your scores so you need all the boosts you can get. And when I do play with boosts, I will play them with a special gem like Cats Eye, Phoenix Prism or Blazing Steed. 

The other two boosts are rather useless to me, I don't recommend using them. 

Rare Gems :

I often use Cats Eye, Phoenix Prism and Blazing Steed.
To make my coins worth, I always use them 3 in a row as it gets cheaper if you use them consecutively (note : after the 3rd one, it goes back to normal price) and I always start the first game with a fresh boosts top up so that the next 3 games are with boosts & gems for maximum scoring chances.

Cats Eye is cheap for a start and if you manage to get a x8 multiplier by the end of the game, the last hurrah can be very lucrative as it is a x18 random shoot down of gems. That can add up as much as 200,000 points alone. I use Cats Eye when I am running low on coins.

Phoenix Prism is a luxury gem but it is the most powerful point booster. Matching the prisms can easily help you to get those multipliers gems out as it breaks a few gems at once. The prisms are like "joker cards" which can substitute for any colours - so match them in between or with 2 other gems of the same colour to get a match. At the end of the game, there is a chance of getting back some of your coins, ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 coins (depending on luck, but usually 1,000-10,000 points), so it is not as costly as it seems.

Blazing Steed is my favourite because of the cost - effect ratio. It is not too costly but it is effective in helping to get high scores. To make the best use of the Blazing Steed, I always match as fast as I can in the initial phase when the Blazing Steed is active and when multipliers appear, I will match gems around the multipliers hoping to smash the multipliers together. If you do it well, Blazing Steed helps you get a headstart to as high as x4 or x5 multiplier within the first few seconds, so once you hit such high multiplier early in the game, it is easy to generate high scores for that game. It is also possible to get another round of Blazing Steed later on in the game if you match fast enough, if you manage to do so, you can easily score 600,000 and above. The last hurrah is also a good score booster.

Bejeweled Blitz Android

Get More Bejeweled Blitz Coins Hack

Remember to log in everyday to spin the jackpot. It is free coins on a daily basis. Even if you do not play, just open up the app to spin the coins. The best part is, if you log on from PC, iPad, iPhone, etc, each device allows you to spin once per day! 

Wait, thats not all, here is a little secret which I am going to share with you, after spinning, Log Out from your Facebook within the Bejeweled Blitz App's Menu, then go back and spin again, then Log In again to your Facebook! 

So you have effectively 2 spins per device per day! This trick works on iOS devices so far, does not work on computers. Try it on Android devices and let me know if it works!

Viewing image bejeweled-blitz_002

Play as many games as you have time for, without using any boosts to accumulate coins for the big kill. Coin gems and multipliers will add coins to your kitty after each game. I like to play a few rounds without using any boosts or special gems at the start of each day to warm my reflexes up. Usually I won't get good scores without the boosts but these games would help me to accumulate coins and give a good practice/warm up.

Quite often, Bejeweled Blitz would have a Special Gems or Boosts sale and a particular gem or boost is on offer or even free, take advantage of the offer by using that gem instead to save your coins.

If you play Bejeweled Blitz using computers, logging in for 5 days consecutively to do the daily spin will get you a free Blazing Steed as well. Put it to good use as a Blazing Steed is worth 55,000 coins normally! 

Thats all for now, if you have any questions about the game, feel free to leave a comment, I will try my best to answer you.

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