How to install .deb file on your iOS devices

How to install .deb file on iPhone / iPad

Some Cydia packages are available for download directly from the web without the need to go through Cydia App. But what do you do with these .deb files after you download them? Here is how :-

Firstly, your device must be jailbroken.

Secondly, there are a few ways to install .deb files on your iphone / ipad but I have selected the two easiest methods here.

Method 1

Requires :iFile - an app for jailbroken devices only which you can download from Cydia.

1) Search for .deb file on your Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad
2) Click and download the .deb file, when prompted with "Open in"...choose iFile
3) Respring or Reboot your iPhone or iPad
4) Done

Method 2

Requires : iFunbox & a PC
1) Search and download the .deb file onto your PC
2) From the same PC, open iFunbox application
3) Select Cydia App Install folder, then "Copy From PC" and copy the .deb file from your PC

4) Reboot your phone after the file is copied completely. Don't forget to do a safe device removal on iFunbox as a precaution.

Both methods are equally easy, it depends on which device you use to download your deb files. If you do it on your iPhone or iPad, then iFile method is easier for you.

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