[Recipe] Miso Soup Recipes


To add in miso paste, use a ladle with a sieve to mash the miso in the soup.
Miso paste should be added in after fire is turned off and just before serving.

Clam Miso Soup


150g of clams
1 slice of ginger
400ml water
30g miso


  1. Put clams in water and add some salt and leave for half a day
  2. Scrub the clams thoroughly and discard the water
  3. Put the water, clams and ginger in a pot and cook on high heat until it boils
  4. When clams open up, turn off the heat and mix in the miso to taste
  5. Garnish with fine ginger slices and some spring onions when serving

When cooking miso soup with vegetables like the following recipes below, use dashi stock instead of plain water for better flavour.

Miso Soup with Chinese Cabbage and Carrot

Cut cabbage into strips, separating leaves from stalks
Bring sufficient amount of dashi to boil
Add in the carrot and cabbage stalks first to cook until soft
Add in the leaves and simmer until cooked
Turn off the heat and stir in miso and serve immediately

Miso Soup with Potato and Onion

Same as above but replace cabbage with potato and onion

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