[Recipe] Stir Fried Pork with Ginger

Pork goes well with ginger. Naturally this dish needs ginger to bring out its fullest flavour. Add in some ginger slices if you do not have ginger juice.

Remember to get the finely sliced pork meant for shabu shabu. I would recommend pork belly as it has some fats and is more tender than pork collar which is tougher.


160g thin pork slices
1/2 onion
Some cornstarch

Seasoning Sauce (Can also be replaced with ready made sukiyaki or Japanese bbq sauce in bottle form)

1 tsp ginger juice
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tbsp mirin
1/2 tbsp sake
1 1/2 tbsp Japanese Soy Sauce


Spread out each slice of pork and coat with cornstarch and set aside
Remove onion skin and wash and shred it
Add oil to hot pan
Stir in the onion slices first
When almost browning or fragrant, add in the pork slices to pan fry until cooked
Add in seasoning sauce and stir well
Transfer to plate and serve

Alternate Recipe for Pork with Ginger 

Lay out the pork slices in stacks of twos 
In a bowl, combine soy sauce, mirin, grated ginger or ginger juice, sesame oil
Heat oil in a fry pan and using tongs or chopsticks, pick up a pair of the pork slices and dip both sides into the sauce quickly and saute in the pan over medium heat. 
When the pork changes colour, turn it over and continue to saute until the slices separate from each other
Then saute the uncooked sides till it is completely cooked
Remove the cooked pieces and repeat with the remaining slices

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