[Recommended] How to get the best hotel deals!

Enjoy travelling? Love a bargain or two when you snag that hotel room cheap?
Then you will fall for the following websites which I am going to share.

How to get the best hotel room rates

Use the following websites to help you snag the best hotel deals!


DealAngel aggregates bargains, sorts them by price, and compares the offered rate with the hotel’s average to assess just how good a deal you’re getting. Using the calendar, you can tell at one glance, how the hotel rates compare over the period. It even tells you whether the hotel rates are going to be trending down, so that you know whether it is a good idea to change travel dates to get more savings!
It does all the price analysis for you and aggregates all the various websites offering the best prices for your desired hotel, all you need to do is to click the link and book!


Tingo monitors your rate after you make a reservation: If the price goes down, Tingo automatically secures you a new reservation and cancels your old one. Of course, you must make your booking through the site.


Room 77 scans prices and availability through numerous online travel agencies and automatically contacts the hotel you choose to request a room that matches your preferences.

Do you have any more recommendations to share?

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