[Candy Crush Saga] How to clear Candy Crush Saga Level 97

Candy Crush Level 97

Candy Crush Saga Level 97 Game Hints

Level 97 looks deceptively easy, however, it is difficult to reach the targeted score to get at least a star and pass the level. 

Target : High Scoring Moves

The focus for this level is to rake up high scoring moves, that means, you try to form all the massive combos you can with stripped, wrapped, rainbow, whatever you can lay your hands on. 

High Scoring Moves include : 
  1. Wrapped & Stripped Candy Combo, 
  2. Wrapped & Wrapped Combo, 
  3. Rainbow & Wrapped Candy Combo and 
  4. Stripped & Stripped Combo.

Watch Out : Time Bombs

The time bombs are aplenty in this level and they detonate very quickly too, so you need to attend to them rather early to avoid ending the game prematurely. 

The Secret 

  1. The good news is that this level offers plenty of opportunities to create wrapped and stripped candies.
  2. Secondly, time bombs gives you 6,000 points when you destroy them. Making a combo move that destroys a few time bombs together can score some major points.
  3. Rather than waste your last few moves on matching the stripped candies or wrapped candies, concentrate on making more special candies if possible. This is because when the game ends, the finale will help you to auto activate these remaining special candies on board, saving you some moves!
  4. Some players say that playing this on Desktop is easier than iOS, so if you have access to Desktop version, try it.

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