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Using a set of walkie talkies on your travel can save you IDD call charges when you are travelling in a group

Bringing a set of walkie talkies on your travels can be very useful and cost-saving if you travel in a group with friends or family members. Sometimes you just want to save time and split up the group so that you can do/see/shop more when you are for eg. at a theme park, shopping mall, place of interest. Or when the chances of losing each other is high in a crowded place.

Rather than relying on calling each other on mobile to report location or co-ordinate the meeting up time and place, using walkie talkie is an effective and cost saving solution. Don't forget, unless both parties are using the foreign country's prepaid SIM cards, both calling and receiving parties would have to pay for IDD charges for each call made. Overseas call can be costly and this is how telcos make huge bucks from you.

Real Time Two Way Communication Channel with Call Button

A walkie talkie provides a clear real time communication channel and in case you are not aware, there is a call button that if pressed, the other walkie talkies in the same network channel will beep and your family member or friend would be able to know that you are calling for them.

You can also add on more walkie talkies to the network by utilizing the same channel, just set or coordinate it within the group before each heading their own way.

If there is too much interference from other walkie talkies nearby, for eg. security guards, just change the channel - however, everyone in your group holding a walkie talkie must switch to the same new channel, otherwise, that person will be lost in his own world.

So, why waste the money on costly IDD calls, especially when you are within a small area that is easily covered by walkie talkie range? Use the mobile only as a last resort when the walkie talkie does not work.

Walkie Talkies can last for very long if you take good care of them!

I have been using my set of walkie talkies for almost ten years without any problems and it probably saved me mega bucks from IDD call charges so far.

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