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This blog was started as a simple past-time and with a humble intention to share my experience of playing Candy Crush Saga with anyone who stumbled upon this site. Little did I realise that there would be so many fellow Candy Crushers out there looking for hints to help them improve their game as well.

When I first wrote the post, I was thinking that I would probably be the only one reading the post and refreshing myself on the tips and strategy when I am stuck on one of the levels. 

I certainly did not expect my humble blog to reach a million views within 3 months of my first post on Candy Crush. Whether you are aged 6 or in your 90s, if you are reading this page, we are all united in our love for Candy Crush the game. Thank you once again for dropping by.

Here I have selected some of the most useful tips contributed by other readers who are kind enough to share them in the comments page. If you have a good tip not featured anywhere here, please feel free to post it in the comment section, I read every single comment I received and I will add them in if they are useful.

Thank you for visiting my humble blog and sharing your Candy Crush tips with everyone else! You know who you are :)

Selected tips contributed by readers. Credit and thanks to the respective contributors!

  1. I have found one trick that can help here. When you initially open the game, it will of course show you all the lives sent to you from friends. As you play, you use up those lives. It seems that the new lives you earn from friends as you're playing don't show up until you reload the browser. I just play through those five lives (plus any I've earned from the timer), and then reload the browser. I keep a separate browser tab open while I'm online just for Candy Crush for this purpose. ~ Candy 
  2. I usually just close the message that is saying I have lives from friends by pressing the X. Then when I'm out of lives I go back to the home screen with the map and open the message then collect the lives. ~ Elehuak 
  3. Free lives........just change the date on whatever device you are playing on....Run out of lives just move ahead a day in the date/settings
  4. I refuse to buy anything for this game and am moving slowly lol. Did just start a few weeks ago....am up to level 37....like I said slow...good luck all! ~ Michelle McBride 
  5. I've found that if you don't accept or x out of the screen where you get lives &extra moves from friends on your mobile device you can save as many as you want & you won't lose them. They just sit in your mail box until you are ready to use them. But I have noticed that sometime I can use extra moves & sometimes they don't work. But it always works on extra lives. ~ GinaTom 
  6. I realized that the horizontal striped candies are generated when you make a vertical row of four and the vertical striped candies when you make a horizontal row of four...~ Cmack 
  7. Whenever you start a level ( don't make any move yet ) on the mobile version of CC , you can actually hit the arrow button on the bottom left to display the option menu and select exit just to bring you back to the world map then enter back where you left off......purpose of doing this is to shuffle the candy placement on the level you are currently on. Before you make any move pan around the whole candy placement, look for any possible combo moves, if its doesn't favour you just hit exit and come back again without touching any candy. ~ Taperpon 
  8. Never pay for more lives.......If you run out of lives uninstall the app and then re install as long as you have it hooked on with you facebook it will automatically take you to the last level you were on. ~ CDMarie 
  9. What you need to know is the positioning of future sweets. Whenever you see a combo that can be activated, think of where you want to use it to your most advantage, at the same time be mindful of what some of the foreseeable positions of some of the other candies. ~ Leng Guan Ho 
  10. On pc you can have multiple browser windows open all on CC and just switch between then when you run out of lives and you can play all day non stop. ~ Gavin Worthy
  11. Tip for Android Users - I was changing the date and then uninstalling and reinstalling for extra lives for a long time but i figured out if u just go to manage applications and hit clear data on the candy crush app, then go to play the game, it starts up as if u did uninstalling / reinstall. U just connect to Facebook and u are just where u left off with 5 new lives. (android phone) Alot quicker and easier than the other way. U do lose any lives or extra moves that ppl sent u so use them b4 u clear data. ~ Carrie Odom [Flickrshare's notes : To clear App Cache data on Candy Crush for Android devices, refer to this walkthru http://techably.com/clear-app-cache-data-on-android-devices/3970/]
  12. I had two wrapped candies and was able to blast all but one of the tornadoes for about 5 moves. Then they all came back. The big blast is the only way I've been able to get rid of them. ~ Mike [How to deal with tornadoes in Candy Crush Saga]


  1. Hi! Today Candy Crush Saga doesn't open in my tablet (Android). Can you help me, please? Thank you!

    1. Hi Maria, there could be many reasons for this. Did you do update or install any new apps on your tablet recently? The first thing you should do is to reboot or restart your tablet and try again. If it still doesn't work, you might have to delete and then reinstall it again from the Playstore. Take note that if you do that and your Candy Crush progress is not tagged to any Facebook account, you will LOSE all your hard earned progress. i.e. you have to start ALL OVER again. If you already tag your game to a Facebook account, just relogin again when you have reinstalled your Candy Crush game and you should get back to your last cleared level.


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