[Candy Crush Saga] Flickrshare's very own Candy Crushers Facebook Page is now live!

Dear visitor,

Thank you for visiting Flickrshare and your valuable support, especially to those who have shared their own tips for the Candy Crush tips to make this blog even better.

Flickrshare is pleased to announce the setting up of Candy Crusher group on Facebook as we unite as a community to share lives and send each other level passes!

This would greatly benefit those Candy Crushers who have little friends playing Candy Crush.

Join in the fun and have some friendly discussions about the game with fellow Candy Crushers from all over the world!

Like Flickrshare's Candy Crushers Facebook Group now and accelerate your level passes and replenishment of lives for Candy Crush Saga!

Together, we can rule the world! Or maybe not....well, at least we grow as better Candy Crush players together!

Like Flickrshare on Facebook
Flickrshare Candy Crushers Group

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