[Candy Crush Saga] How To Clear Level 335 of Candy Crush Saga

Objectives of Level 335

The objective of Level 335 in Candy Crush Saga is to collect two rainbow sprinkles. Two rainbow sprinkles already exist on board at the start, covered by a layer of jelly and surrounded by icing cupcakes that require some blasting to get through.

The objective is made difficult by the changing colour candy and the locked candies that block your way to the rainbow sprinkles.

About Changing Colour Candy

Take note that the changing colour candies only alternate between two colours, so if you miss making a match with it and it turned into another colour, just make another move elsewhere (so that it does not mess up your planned move) and it will come back to the same colour again.

How to Clear Level 335 Candy Crush

The most straightforward way is to get to the existing 2 rainbow sprinkles on board. To do this, you need to break your way down to the two bottom corners.

However, this way requires some luck and may not always work as you may not reach the rainbow sprinkles before you run out of moves.

It is possible to create rainbow sprinkles on your own. To improve your chances of doing so, break open the locked candies as soon as you can so that you have more space to move. I find this to be a more likely way to clear this level. So always keep a lookout for 5-match possibilities.

Meanwhile, it does no harm to damage as many candies as you can with combos - so create stripped and wrapped candies along the way to smash your way through.

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