[Candy Crush Saga] How to clear Level 147 Candy Crush Saga

Tips and Hints to clear Level 147 Candy Crush Saga 

Tips and Hints for Candy Crush Saga Level 147

Clear the cupcake tiles first 

Prioritize your moves to clear the cupcake tiles in the middle column and the bottom & sides first. 

Leave cascading candies to take care of the rest

Clearing the cupcake tiles early means more candies on board for you to make your moves, giving you more options. The other jelly tiles can be secondary as the cascading candies can help you to clear some, if not all of them. 

Use Combos

Stripped candies can also be helpful to help you clear the cupcake and jelly tiles, so use them where it makes the most useful impact. Even more useful are combos of stripped and wrapped candies. Use these combo to clear massive amount of jellies!

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