[Candy Crush Saga] New Update to Desktop Version of Candy Crush Saga - Levels 501 to 515 available now

Levels 501 to 515 Added to Candy Crush Saga Desktop Version

After a long hiatus, the desktop version of Candy Crush Saga has finally been updated with Levels 501 to 515.

Prior to this update, there was an introduction of Dreamworld which is in another realm and starts all over from Level 1. You can play Dreamworld on the mobile version as well.
Dreamworld Candy Crush Saga
Dreamworld in Candy Crush Saga leads you to another realm for more Candy Crushing fun!
With this latest update, now you can play in two concurrent worlds.

Don't forget that logging in to the desktop version these days allow you a free spin daily to win booster prizes like a Lollipop, Rainbow Sprinkle, etc. 

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