[Candy Crush Saga] How to clear Level 70 of Candy Crush Saga

How to clear Level 70 of Candy Crush Saga

The Brief

To clear the jellies on the right hand columns.

The Obstacles 

Reincarnating chocolate blocks that threaten to cover up the right hand columns
Locked candies that prevent candies from cascading down from the left hand columns

Tips and Strategy for Candy Crush Level 70

This level may need a few tries but if you follow the tips and strategy here, should be able to clear it soon enough.

  1. Firstly, prioritize your game. The first thing you need to do is to clear the locked candies as soon as you can because once that happens, it opens the flood gates for the candies on the left to cascade down and you have more options on the right hand columns.
  2. Then, you should try to clear the chocolate blocks before they engulf the entire right hand columns. Should that happen, you probably have to try the level again as it is almost impossible to do it. Do note that once all chocolate candies are cleared, they will not reappear, so getting them all out early would make your life easier.
  3. Since all the jellies are all on the right hand columns, you should make all available moves on the right hand columns until you run out of moves, then you look at the left hand columns. Remember, the goal is to clear the jellies and you dont have the luxury of moves to do anything else.
  4. On the left hand columns, creating horizontal stripped candies should be your goal as these can help to clear some tiles on the right hand side once they are triggered. Vertical stripped candies are only useful when triggered on the right hand columns.
  5. If you are lucky to get a wrapped candy, resist the temptation to trigger it, wait for it cascade to the right hand side where it is more useful when triggered. That is unless you have a perfectly placed stripped and wrapped candy next to each other on the left hand block, if triggering the combo can help you to clear 3 horizontal lines of jellies on the right hand block, by all means, use it! That said, a wrapped/stripped candy combo would do more damage if triggered on the right hand columns, so think wisely before you jump.

For more general tips for this game, refer to this post.

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  1. When I started this level I thought it is very hard but with the passage of time I completed this level but believe me it was very tough.

    Candy Crush Level 70


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