[Candy Crush Saga Level 425] Tips for Candy Crush Saga Level 425

A guide to clearing Candy Crush Level 425

Tips and hints guide to clearing Level 425 of Candy Crush Saga

This is one of the killer levels of Candy Crush Saga.
Obviously so, in this level, there are multiple obstacles in your way -
  1. Time bombs
  2. Icing Cupcakes that need to be cleared to make way for more candies
  3. Huge number of blue candies order
  4. Wrapped & Stripped candies combo - wrapped candies are hard to come by
  5. Tornados to disrupt your game 

Hint Guide Strategy to Level 425

Clear the icing cupcakes as early as you can

From the onset, you should be clearing the icing cupcakes as soon as you can, so that you can reach the time bombs and clear them before they explode and end your game.

Have wrapped candies ready

It is handy to have wrapped candies ready, so along the way, if you spot any opportunity to create a wrapped candy, just do so and leave it on the board if you have no stripped candy next to them. This is because it is quite easy to get stripped candies in this level but wrapped candies are harder to come by, so get them ready in case so that when a stripped candy lands next to the wrapped candy, match them to fulfill your orders. I find that fulfilling the stripped and wrapped candy combo is the more difficult to fill order for this level. While collecting the blue candies may seem like a tall order, it can be done, especially if you have a rainbow sprinkle or two that you can use it to swap with a blue candy.

Don't wait to swap the stripped / wrapped candy 

Do not defer the chance if you have a stripped and wrapped candy next to each other. Just swap them as soon as you can, otherwise the tornadoes will come and spoil your grand plans! Do not leave it to chance because the tornadoes can and they will come to mess it up! Just swap them and worry about the rest later.

Watch out for the time bombs

Do not forget about time bombs as well as they have a relatively short fuse. Leave it too late and your game will be ended prematurely.


  1. This is a ridiculous level been stuck now for weeks got to only one combo left n run out of moves it either wants you to spend huge amounts of money or had been put in purposely so now worlds can be created making sure that no one every completes the saga I used to love playing think it's time to un install the app for good

    1. Hi Sharon, thanks for dropping by. You inspired my latest post on this blog http://flickrshare.blogspot.sg/2013/11/candy-crush-dont-give-up.html
      Please check out my post for you and by the way, you look hot!

  2. And if it wasn't difficult enough yet.... they just upgraded this lvl... instead of 200 blues, you now need 230 !!! SICK !!!

  3. Ohhh.. This level is to tough. Thank you for sharing guidance in this post.

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