[Candy Crush Saga] How to clear Candy Crush Saga Level 376

How to clear Candy Crush Saga Level 376

How to Clear Candy Crush Level 376

Level 376 requires you to bring ingredients down but there is a huge chunk of chocolates and cupcakes blocking the exit. There is a candy pizza that helps you to a limited extend.

The Strategy 

Useful combo moves :-
Wrapped & Stripped Candy Combo,
Rainbow & Wrapped Candy Combo and
Stripped & Stripped Combo.

Clear the pizza early, make room for candies to cascade to the block of columns on the right.

Destroying the pizza early in the game can help to cascade the candies to the block on the right as it clears away the chocolate tiles and help blast off the first layer off the cupcakes. Getting candies to the block on the right will then allow you to destroy the cupcakes. So the earlier you make room for candies to cascade to the right, the more options you have in your moves and you can start destroying the cupcakes earlier.

To trigger the pizza, you can only use vertical stripped candies and/or wrapped and stripped candy combo. It can be easier than you think because it is rather easy to create wrapped and stripped candies for this level.

The consolation is that this level offers plenty of opportunities to create wrapped / stripped candies and even rainbow candies because of the limited number of colours used in this level.

The Challenge

Likelihood of ending this level with not enough moves to bring down all the ingredients is very high. Do not waste your moves making unnecessary moves that would not aid your game strategy for this level.

It is inevitable that the ingredients will land on the top row of the square icing cupcakes, making it difficult to remove the cupcakes that are blocking the way to the exit. Hence you can only depend on vertical stripped candies or the combos mentioned above to blast your way through to the exit.

There are a lot of cupcakes to clear on each column before the ingredients can drop to the exit, so you need to expend lots of moves.

For more general tips for this game, refer to this post.

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