[Game Hints] Draw Something 2 Daily Guess Answers Revealed!

Answers to Draw Something 2's Daily Guess updated daily.

Draw Something 2 is another game which I play regularly, in fact, daily. I am always amazed by the top quality drawings by some talented artists which are featured on the gallery section.

In Draw Something 2, the wider the variety of drawing tools available to you, the better you can draw. To unlock the drawing tools, you need coins which you can earn by playing with other people and stars which you can earn by playing the Daily Guess and Daily Draw games for a 5 days consecutive streak to earn a maximum of 5 stars for each.

Daily Draw is really there to reward you with the coins and stars, you just need to draw anything and click on submit, they will give you the reward anyway.

Daily Guess, on the other hand, is more tricky. If you happen to stumble on one day's Daily Guess, you would have to start your streak all over again and the payout for the initial streak is just a few measly coins.

To help fellow Draw Something 2 fans, I will post the answer here so that you can continue your streak. So if you ever get stuck on Daily Guess, just drop by here for the daily updated (I will try!) answers to Draw Something 2's Daily Guess.

Draw Something 2 Daily Guess Answer Revealed

[Updated 23 July 2013]

Draw Something 2 Daily Guess Answer for 23 July 2013 - Big Bang

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